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kaua'i shawl, blocked

The shawl I started in Hawaii out of Koigu is off the needles and blocked – the pattern’s even in pretty good shape too. It’ll be ready soon. It didn’t use 2 skeins of Koigu as I’d hoped, but I’m happy with the size using 3 skeins – it’s closer to a full size shawl, 23 inches deep and 63 inches across the top. And it has a summery surprise in the stitch pattern!

kaua'i shawl, blocked

It still needs a name though.

And since that shawl’s finally off the needles, I’m back on board with my Honeybee lace cardigan. It’s almost done, just the collar to go. Then I have to find some buttons, hmmm.

allllmost done



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35 responses to “pinks”

  1. Sue H Avatar

    Peak a Bloom!
    (silly isn’t it)

  2. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love how the honeybee is turning out. It’s definitely on my short list of cardis to make (once the pattern is out).

  3. Miriam Avatar

    How about “Hibiscus” for the shawl?

  4. KateMet Avatar

    How about Rose of Sharon? Or Hanalei?

  5. andrea Avatar

    OH MY! That shawl is so awesome! Can’t wait for the pattern!

    And loving the Honeybeee (as I should be…since I’m knitting it right now!)

  6. TheBon Avatar

    What about plumeria?

  7. EclatDuSoleil Avatar

    Hmmmm! Appetizing, really!
    For the shawl, an other idea, to increase your choice : “flying flower”.

  8. Katinka Avatar

    They’re both just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :)

  9. Diane Avatar

    Love the shawl! And I second the name hibiscus for it.

  10. Renee Avatar

    Your pinks are beautiful.

  11. jane george Avatar
    jane george

    Hurry with the pattern!!!

  12. Marcy Avatar

    I love the Shawl. I Think you should name it “Pink Hawaiian Plumeria”

  13. juniperjune Avatar

    ooh, i’m excited for the honerybee lace cardigan!! the shawl looks great, too.

  14. Lety Avatar

    Maui Wowee!

  15. Robyn Avatar

    Great shawl! Are you going to sell that pattern too?

  16. Renee Avatar

    How lovely — I love the flower on it, the rest is simple.

  17. sil Avatar

    I was also going to vote for hibiscus too! Lovely shawl.

  18. Clumsy Knitter Avatar

    That shawl is *darling*! Can’t wait to make one. :)

  19. Tressa Avatar

    I love shawls. I’m thinking of starting one for this Fall. Your stitch pattern is beautiful

  20. Leah Avatar

    How clever!

  21. Nartian Avatar

    How about Hanalei Bloom (a play on the song Hanalei Moon) if you can’t decide between the plumeria (which is what it looks more like) and hibiscus names?

  22. Becca Avatar

    Wow… I don’t consider myself a shawl knitter, but that shawl is just simply elegant! I look forward to the pattern!

  23. Kerry Avatar

    Lovely! I’m thinking ‘hibiscus’ would be a good name.

  24. dragonfly7673 Avatar

    I love the shawl, and I like the name first suggested of Peek-a-Bloom because the flower is a bit of a surprise. I hope you share the pattern

  25. Julie Avatar

    Waikiki Wrap?

  26. Maryse Avatar

    Wow! Both patterns are looking very nice! Nice colors and very feminine! You’re so talented… ;-)

  27. Gaby Avatar

    The shawl is very innovative; I love it!
    And I like the shade of pink that you chose for your projects :)

  28. Elizabeth Avatar

    Ooh! I love the … is that a hyacinth? … the flower in the otherwise plain lace of the shawl. What a great idea! Sign me up.

  29. Rachel Avatar

    Oh wow that cardigan is amazing! Are you writing up the pattern, or is it someone elses?

  30. laurel Avatar

    love the flower!!
    i could see some pearl white coloured buttons going well with the sweater. the lace is gorgeouss

  31. Christine Avatar

    Love the shawl and the sweater–both so gorgeous!!!

  32. Debbie Avatar

    One thing I remember from my trip to Kauai and Oahu, was the Plumeria flowers or Frangipani. Your shawl and its flower reminds me of those flowers. I can still smell them!

  33. Melanie Avatar

    Love the little flower! Cute :)

  34. Lynne Avatar

    I’d call it Daisy.
    And I love the Honeybee lace cardigan!

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