piles of projects and yarn

So I went to grab a ball of the All Season’s Cotton I bought at the Frolic, to swatch for a tank top. I open my Denise case, and hm – no appropriately sized needles. I wonder why?

From left: Soleil, on US 5; wavy skirt on US 6; licorice cardi on US 7; cozy on US 8, phildar jacket (the collar) on US 9. No wonder I have no needles! I suppose that’s a sign that I should finish up some projects, hm? I’m working on finishing up the Phildar Jacket – I’ve got just a bit of the collar to go, then finishing. I already sewed up the shoulders and set in the sleeves, and wove in a bunch of ends. Still to do – sew down the front facings, neaten up vertical buttonholes and weave in those ends, sew on the collar, seam up the sleeves and sides (that’s the easy one) and find and sew on buttons. So much finishing…

I received some fiber in the mail (I *heart* mail), that I’d ordered off eBay. This stuff is pretty dang bright! So much fiber to spin, so little time and patience for spindle spinning. Hey Denny? Maybe I could come over one day and use your wheel for a few hours?

One last thing. What the hell is this?







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  1. Dani Avatar

    Oh my! You do have tons of projects going… I hate having more than four or so going at the time, but I need at least two so I don’t get bored! All are made with such beautiful looking yarns! THanks for sharing!

  2. Maria Avatar

    I like your new blog, congrats!

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