Kersti handwarmers (the colours in this photo are awful, it’s much more purple/pink):

And the Must Have sleeve:

I meant to take a picture of the package my Ben Folds book came in (finally!) but I didn’t get a chance. At any rate, it came from Sweden (!) so I forgive the taking a bit of time to get here. Elann, on the other hand…

Psst. I weakened. I was in a bad mood and decided to buy the Highland Wool – but I restrained myself, so just one sweater’s worth of Oxford Grey Heather for a ribby.

Also, not very much related: I stopped by Lush tonight before the movie (which was not as offensive as I was expected, and had its funny moments for sure) and I want my Lush. But the prices have gone up! The Creamed Coconut and Almond Smoothie used to be $11.95 (which was still pretty damn expensive, it doesn’t last long! Like three weeks, a month max!) and Sympathy for the Skin used to be something like $19.95. Booooo.






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