outrunning the yarn

I finally picked back up this pair of socks that I cast on in December (as far as I can remember…) – STR lightweight in Gingerbread Dude. I’d originally bought two skeins and thought I’d make knee socks, and started one from the toe up with a gusset heel.

Unfortunately when I picked the sock back up a couple weeks ago, I decided I didn’t like the heel – so I ripped it all the way back, about eight inches of knitting! But I powered on. And then decided I didn’t want to make knee socks, so I just stopped the one I was working on and started the other.

gingerbread dude

The second sock was knit really fast, in about 3-4 days last week while hanging with Ysolda (and our many subway trips). Alas….on my way to knee socks I’d made the first sock rather long. I was knitting along on the leg of the second sock, when I noticed that my ball of yarn was getting ever so small.

Of course, I knit faster and faster, hoping to outrun the yarn, but alas, it was not to be.


I ran out of yarn about 3 rounds before the end of the first sock. But I bound off and well, I’m too lazy to rip back the first sock to match. No one will ever be able to tell anyway!

butterscotch cardigan

Also, I am crocheting – the Butterscotch Cardigan from the latest Interweave Crochet. It’s fun, although kinda slow (I do knit rather fast because I’m more used to it). And I had to rip out most of this piece after I discovered that I wasn’t increasing enough. But it’s back on track now! Lorna’s Laces in Douglas Fir.

One more thing, today – I’ve finally set up my patterns with Ravelry downloads! So now you can get an automated download link. Payment is still by Paypal – I’ve added a Ravelry download button to each of the pattern pages, along with the Paypal direct button (which will be manually sent). You can also check out my pattern store on Ravelry here!






10 responses to “outrunning the yarn”

  1. SamLaTricoteuse Avatar

    One little comment : would it be possible to add on Ravelry the sizes that the pattern go from and to ??? Thanks

  2. SamLaTricoteuse Avatar

    Ok – I see that Callie and Rayne do – but not Vino !!!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Nice job on your socks. Way to finish up another project!

  4. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I have a checklist of projects to work on. I think the Butterscotch Cardigan is 3rd down on my list (must finish more things first!). Yours is looking pretty good.

  5. Janice Avatar

    I hear ya! I finished one sock with about a foot of yarn left over. I’m knitting the second one now and am wondering if I’ll be able to make it… cuff down of course. :-S

  6. Lizzy Avatar

    Wow, I never knew crochet could look so good! Beautiful stuff:)

  7. Kimberly Avatar

    I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that after reading yesterday, I went over to fluevog and ordered a pair of shoes, I wish you could get credit for it!!! Thanks for showing your stuff, you are very inspirational.

  8. Keatyn Avatar

    The socks look great. I completely agree that no one will see that one is a little longer than the other. I wouldn’t rip it back either. Thanks for putting your patterns up for Ravelry downloads it will make them so much easier to keep track of when I get around to ordering them.

  9. Hannahbelle Avatar

    Yay – for stores and socks! I love how Ravelry makes it so easy for designers to put their things up for sale!

    I’m going to be blogging some socks tonight, so watch out!

  10. Jen Cox Avatar
    Jen Cox

    I just love the fact that I’m not the only person who thinks knitting faster uses less yarn. That made my day.

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