out of date

You know, I took pictures of my sock and the vest last night and uploaded them and all that, but now that I go to put them up, they’re out of date. So I’ll hold off…and since I’m rather busy the next two days, it might be that long before I get the new photos up. I’ve got just one half of the front neck shaping to go on the vest (plus the neckband and armbands) and I turned the heel on the first sock! It was my first short row heel, and I managed to get it right (or at least looking proper) winging it while in lecture this afternoon. It’s easy and pretty fun, too!

In the meanwhile, I got buttons for my must have, and I wore it today! It looks, in my opinion, a lot better a) now with buttons and b) in person. It actually fits really well, too, which is good.

And I’ve decided what to do with that Highland Chunky – a cardigan version of this, from Patons

It’s called the “Urban Aran” and is from the same booklet as the Must Have. I’ve got this huge gap in my schedule tomorrow – I think I’ll take my Retro Prep, possibly the Urban Aran to cast on, and possibly the sock. Since I need to do increases on the sock leg, I might have to leave that one until I’m at home and can try it on to figure out the increases.






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