ooh, sparkly

On Monday dark-haired Megan and the lovely Denny came over for a few hours of dyeing – a bit rushed, but fun nonetheless. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures..there was roving, and two skeins of sock yarn for Megan, and some cool mohair locks. Denny left me with a whole bunch of nylon sparkle stuff for me to experiment with, and check it out:

Cool! I dyed these in small jars (pesto and relish!) in the crockpot, just a squirt of dye and a splash of vinegar in each. For the green, I just squirted some yellow and blue right onto the fibre and filled it up with water. It’s tough to convey the sparkly-ness of the nylon, but this might help.

For some reason all the dyed colours really, really remind me of this show I used to watch when I was a kid – I can’t remember what it was called, but it involved these three guys in a rock band. They looked like KISS, but had these crazy sparkly foil wigs in red, green, and blue. Does anyone know what the hell I’m talking about?

Anyway. A new yarnly project! I saw this on someone’s blog, although i can’t remember now – Denny, I think you’re going to love it:

It’s called soumak weaving, and I’m just using my Weavette as the frame and various handspuns. It’s super fun!







9 responses to “ooh, sparkly”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Ooooo, something new to try with my weavette! I can see that this would be a great way to use up some ends. You could make a totally funky patchwork bag….or scarf…..

  2. kelly Avatar

    You aren’t referring to Jem, are you? I think they were girls? It was a long time ago. Very pretty dye job on the sparkly nylon!

  3. Jenna Avatar

    I did weaving like that in school, ages ago! Not with yarn that gorgeous, of course – we used dusty, coned fibre. It was so fun, though, and I’ve always wanted to do it again.

  4. krista Avatar

    I want a weavette! That is really cool. You could make sunsets, and all sorts of images.


  5. Amy Avatar

    KIDEO!!!! The worst kids show ever. K-I-D-E-O we are KIDEO!

  6. quenna Avatar

    Wonderful jewel tones — any plans for them?

  7. Bonnie Avatar

    Ooooh the colors! They are so peppy and happy.

  8. Chris Avatar

    Very sparkly – but must go check out that weaving technique – coolness!

  9. maggie Avatar

    seriously, in high school my friends gave me the nickname “dot” and one friend created this huge rock star alter ego about the name, and KIDEO were my backup singers! ;)
    Since leaving high school, I swear you are the first person I’ve found to even have any idea who KIDEO is :| (I think a lot of people I’ve met in university think I made them up in my head… but even I’m not THAT crazy ;) )

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