one week left

So, let’s see the state of things –

Lego man has a head and torso!

lego man!

The torso wasn’t actually done in this photo (see how the bottom edge is curling up) but it is now, sockets and all. And I’ve knitted up the first piece of the legs.

elf shoes

Elf shoes are done and felted, but too big. Blame my lack of firsthand knowledge of baby sizes. I miiiiight make another pair, smaller, but we’ll see.

gentleman's sock

One gentleman’s sock is done, but I’m not sure when the second one will be. It’s not super pressing.

french press slippers

And then there’s the French Press slippers. Sigh. I decided to axe one pair from my list, so there was just these 2 pairs. Done the knitting and all that. Then came the felting…and felting…and felting.

Four cycles later (top loading machine, no agitator, with towels) the red pair is felted enough, but too small. The blue pair is felted enough (although the seam areas have kind of a crease) and might fit another person, but not the recipient. They’re both too shallow on the sides and don’t look like the other finished photos at all!

I’m disappointed and discouraged with felting (I haven’t had much luck with it in general). And now I have to figure out other presents. Maybe there’s still time to do some clogs instead, those have turned out well in the past!

P.S. Pavlov’s Dogs (my handbell group) is playing the Rivoli Christmas Show tonight and tomorrow! More info here if you’re in Toronto. I know Rotate This still has tickets!



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14 responses to “one week left”

  1. Sheila Avatar

    I didn’t know you were in Pavlov’s Dogs. I love you. Well, not you personally although I’m sure you are a lovely person but I love the band. Unfortunatly I can’t make it tonight and I’m not sure I would be able to get to the Rivoli tomorrow, either. I hope you have a good show!

  2. Gale Avatar

    What was the yarn you used to make the slippers with?

  3. kelly-ann (on ravelry) Avatar
    kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    I think I probably have a similar washer – top loading, but the clothes are “bounced” around rather than agitated. They say it is better on the clothes, but definitely not better for felting. If takes me many cycles even with easy to felt yarn like Lamb’s Pride and Patons SWS. So sorry the slippers didn’t come out like you wished. Are you sure you can’t save them?

    Love the lego guy – thank goodness my 7 year old hasn’t seen that pattern yet ;) I don’t have time to knit it up before Christmas!

  4. Valerie Avatar

    When I felt, I throw my items in with old plastic tupperware type dishes and it seems to work really well… if you’re not too discouraged by felting try that. I love the lego man. I wanted to make it for my brother but didn’t have the time. Maybe next year

  5. Seanna Lea Avatar

    This is the main reason I don’t normally do felting. I like feeling I have control over the quality of the project, and felting especially in a top loader seems like a guessing game. It makes me nervous at least when gift giving.

  6. Jessica B. Avatar

    I’m pleased someone else is having trouble with these, after only hearing praises elsewhere. I felted mine by hand, then in the washing machine and they’re not turning out right. Glad to know that I can’t be the only person who has to felt multiple times to get something to work!

  7. Rose Avatar

    I was tempted by the pretty pictures of the french press slippers but I never have good luck with felting so I resisted. Sorry you’re having trouble too. Good luck with the concert!

  8. Rhonda Avatar

    I too have had a few felting mishaps, and usually only use the technique for things like purses, where the final shape and size aren’t terribly important. I do love the look of the pattern photos for the slippers, but I was afraid of ending up exactly where you have: with slippers that just aren’t quite right. I hope you have more success with your replacement gifts!

  9. Rachel Avatar

    LEGO awesomeness!

  10. Stacie Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting “SAR”. As soon as I saw the pattern link, I knew my two boys (4 and 7) had to have them. Thanks SO much again!

  11. Jane Avatar

    Oh man, I really do love those green socks. Dream in Colour photographs super nicely.

    Also, I feel you on the felting. I have yet to felt something that I’ve been truly satisfied with.

  12. Laura Avatar

    Another felting tip – I take the items out every 5 minutes and open them up, unfold, etc. It prevents them from either felting to themselves (serious tragedy!) or getting weird creases, etc. It slows down the process but gives better results. I haven’t done the slippers, but I would take them out every 5 min. and put my hand inside and shape them a bit before putting back in. The pieces will be pliable and flexible at that point so you can stretch certain areas if they are getting too small, too fast. Best of luck,felters!

  13. Sarah Avatar

    What a perfect name for a bell choir! Genius!

    Stories like yours are why I avoid felting altogether. Too much effort, too little control. Not my style.

    Good luck with last minute gift knitting!

  14. MishaMonet (on Rav) Avatar
    MishaMonet (on Rav)

    I know I’m late to the party, but might I suggest using Malabrigo Worsted for the French Press Felted Slippers? That yarn felts FAST! I knit my pair in Mal Worsted and foolishly decided to let the machine run for 7 mins before I checked it. Uh, they were DONE. Yes, it pills rather easily but a sweater stone clears it right up and the felted fabric is just gorgeous – squishy and warm. :)

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