one Rhinebeck FO

Too bad it’s not for me!

finished Rhinebeck socks!

One pair of long, thick socks in Dream in Color Classy, colour Cocoa Kiss – a perfect blend of grey and brown. So cushy, too! I worked these on 3.25mm needles for a good dense fabric, over 52 sts. You can’t see in the photo, but I continued the ribbing down the back of the heel flap as well.

In my mind, I’m seeing these on my fella as we hang out in our rented house with friends, warding off the chill with warm alcoholic drinks and lots of cheese-related foods. (I do know that it’s forecast to be pretty warm next weekend. Don’t burst my bubble!)

And my Rhinebeck project?


Well. I still have a week, right?

P.S. Stay tuned – I have a new pattern and a pattern sale coming up!



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3 responses to “one Rhinebeck FO”

  1. Carie Avatar

    The socks look wonderfully snuggly – maybe if it’s too warm you could sneak in an air con to provide proper crisp cool autumnal weather!

  2. Brandi Avatar

    The socks look great. I’m working a pr myself. I’m also working on getting my CSM going so I can make simplier socks quicker.

  3. Molly Avatar

    What is that beautiful yarn you’re using for the sweater?

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