I just finished binding off bpt!

As you can see, it’s curling quite a bit at the bottom – I’ll block, then see what happens. It also doesn’t have a collar treatment yet – I think I might actually just leave it, or possibly pick up and do an icord bindoff around the collar. We’ll see.

And, I got some new bobbins for my wheel, so now I can play, play!

5 Responses to “oh, the softness”

  1. Karma

    Are you planning to add a hood, like the original BPT? I love the yarn you’re using. Please remind us what it is next time you post about BPT. :) So pretty.

  2. Julie

    What a good idea to do an i-cord bind-off. I left my Nancy Wiseman in Toronto–do you know if there’re any good websites that teach how to do an i-cord bindoff? I’ve seen tutuorials on i-cord cast ons.

  3. fleur

    Congratulations! We see many handspun yarns on the blogs but I like to see what happens with them. It’s a very nice sweater!


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