oh-so-picky head coverings

Hey all, things are still pretty damn crazy around here. Today I spent a number of HOURS trying to get a new router set up – including talking to tech support, etc. Eventually I just hooked the old one up again and it works fine for now. I need the internet for my schoolwork anyway, and faster would be nice, but it’ll have to wait.

In the meanwhile…last night at Drunken Knitters, I worked on the second sleeve of the organic wool raglan, and discovered a number of rows later that I’d been increasing too fast! So I had to rip out a bunch – and I wasn’t even drinking.

I discovered that I’m going to be short of yarn for that second sleeve – I only had 1.5 skeins of yarn to use, and the first sleeve took 1.6. So if anyone has any O-Wool in oatmeal, lot 710002, and would be willing to sell/share half a skein or so, let me know! Otherwise I’ll have to figure out what to do with a different dyelot. It’s quite similar but a bit lighter, so I was thinking of maybe striping it in? Hm.

I’ve also just started a hat for the boyfriend, who is tremendously picky about his hats. I’m using Nature’s Palette in “Spruce” (he picked it), double stranded. I hope to gift it on Valentine’s Day, so I really hope this works out!

Back to the books. I’ll try and come by with some pictures soon!







4 responses to “oh-so-picky head coverings”

  1. hpny knits Avatar

    stripe the sleeves, no one will be the wiser!
    i wish I was not that far for a night of drunken knitters…

  2. alison Avatar

    Laura, if you don’t get any O-Wool offers, check with Mary and Molly Ann at Ariadne to see if they have your dye lot:

  3. Laura Avatar

    Suuuuure you weren’t drinking! :)

    Good luck with the hat, I’m trying to finish v-day socks!

  4. Zebra Avatar

    You are very fast!! You think you will finish the hat before Valentine, wow that’s quite a challenge, good luck!!

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