oh no, flickr!

Well. I’ve got stuff to post, but now Flickr’s being all uptight with my photos! I upload using Flickr Uploadr, and have never had a problem till now. I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing – the photos show up in my Photostream (twice, actually, since I thought I’d try uploading them again), but when I click to go to the photo’s page, it’s a broken link. I can’t delete the photos from my photostream, either.

If you can see the photos by going to my Flickr page, I guess you’ll get a preview! I guess a proper post will have to wait until later, when I have time to figure this out. Any advice would be most appreciated!






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  1. Bertha Avatar

    The problem is on Flickr’s end: “9:10 AM Pacific. We’re currently experiencing a lag in replicating info across the server array. This is going to cause all sorts of weirdness on the site — Duplicates in photos in Everyone’s photos, hiccups, changing titles, etc. The team is aware and working to resolve this. We will provide updates as new info is available. Thanks for your patience. ”

    Also, mmmmm paneer!

  2. Kim Avatar

    I’m having Flickr issues too…exactly the same problem.

  3. CabinGirl Avatar

    Would it be wrong of me to ask you about the paneer recipe? That looks yummy in your photos!

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