now what?

I ran out out of yarn for my Vera knee sock and I’m not even at the toe yet – still the better part of an inch to go. D’oh. Looking through my sock yarn, it doesn’t really look like I have much that’ll go, either…there’s black Palette, but it’s a bit scratchy. I could dye some “Color your own” merino, but that takes time. I think I might have enough of a grey cotton-blend yarn to do it, and that’s seeming like the leader.

Maybe I should put it aside and thinking about it for a few days.

Anyway…here’s a shot of one of the big hexagons from the koigu skirt, compared to the little ones I’ve already done.

ETA: I caved and ordered more yarn from redbirdknits. The grey looked like crap and I’m going to need more yarn for both, so why not…and why not throw in some Fleece Artist sock too? Whoops.







3 responses to “now what?”

  1. Deb Avatar

    Uh-oh! Is the other sock done? Can you unravel some of its toe to have enough yarn to bring this one a little further and then do both toes in that gray, contrast yarn–so they’ll at least match? (This is the exact reason I prefer to knit my socks from toe up!)

  2. Jill Avatar

    Laura, is that a short row heel? I keep meaning to do a short row heel on a pair of socks but I keep forgetting and doing a heel flap instead.

  3. Colleen Avatar

    Thos socks are funky! They almost make me want to pick up the DPNs….

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