non-turkey day

Since I don’t eat turkey and all. But enjoy yours, if that’s what you eat!

Anyway, I think I may have come to a conclusion on yarn for the not-Cashmere Pullover from Weekend Knitting – and it doesn’t involve buying anything. I think I’m going to rip my Banff and use the Patons Upcountry. It’s nice and rugged, a pretty colour (plum), and fairly soft. We’ll see when I actually get around to doing it, though…

I have started blocking the pieces of the Tartan! I’m a pin-and-spray-er, although I think I would be a steamer if I had an iron that actually made decent steam. I’m blocking the two sleeves and the two cuffs right now, and hoping that the sleeves will turn out the same size – they’re blocked to the same measurements, but one looks longer than the other. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion (I hope so!). I’ve also finished the first front! The end is near!

I’d better go do some schoolwork, if I’m hoping to get downtown for SnB today!






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