New Rusholme Pattern – and Gleener Giveaway!

I had a few requests for the pattern for this sweater, and it’s finally ready! And if you scroll down, I have a fun giveaway today!

Rusholme Cardigan

Rusholme Cardigan

RUSHOLME is a cozy zippered cardigan with chunky seed stitch details and optional patch pockets. A little bit of waist shaping is worked on the back only, for a flattering but easy fit. The deep cuffs, fronts and long sailor collar are all edged with attached I-cord for a lovely clean finish. A one or two-way zipper makes Rusholme super easy to throw on every day, but it can also be worn open, or closed with toggles.

Worked as seamless raglan from the bottom up, with body knit flat and sleeves worked in the round. Can be worn with negative ease for a close fit, or make a larger size for extra coziness. For the best size, measure a sweater you like the fit of, and make the size closest to it. Shown in size 40” / 100cm with about 2” / 5cm of negative ease.

Technical Editing by Alexandra Virgiel

Rusholme Cardigan

Rusholme Cardigan

Queue, fave, and buy on Ravelry!
More details on the pattern page.

Now how about a GIVEAWAY?

So the lovely folks at Gleener saw my post about how much I love mine, and they sent me a set to give away to a lucky reader! It makes a great holiday present for all the fibery people in your life.

Kit2_11_blue_largeComment on this post to enter – make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you! International entries welcome.

This giveaway is closed. Thanks for entering!



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119 responses to “New Rusholme Pattern – and Gleener Giveaway!”

  1. Karen O Avatar
    Karen O

    Would love to give the gleener a try. I’ve yet to find a great solution to pilling.

  2. Jenni Avatar

    Ah! I’ve been wanting to buy a Gleener since I saw your post! Nice sweater! Looks like one I will knit!

  3. Page Avatar

    I am always looking for new tools to de-pill sweaters. The Gleener seems like a great option!

  4. Linda Avatar

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now, so here’s my chance. Thank you for the give away. Also, your new designs is lovely. Looks so cozy.

  5. Jo Anne Avatar
    Jo Anne

    I have plenty of things that need the Gleener. Thanks.

  6. ShirleyN Avatar

    I could really use the Gleener. Sadly, several of my handknit sweaters are pilling badly.

  7. Jennifer Avatar

    Most of my pill-removing tools function sub-par.
    Also: that is a lovely cardigan!

  8. Sheri Avatar

    Love the sweater. Would love to win the Gleener. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Jennifer Tobey Avatar
    Jennifer Tobey

    What a great give away. I promptly put a gleener on my Christmas wish list! I’m loving this sweater as well! Very wearable.

  10. anna Avatar

    Thanks for the give away, looks like a great way to get rid of pills on those garments you don’t want to part with!

  11. Cindy D. Avatar
    Cindy D.

    After reading your post I purchased a Gleener for a friend, seems reasonable that I borrow it continually. Might be time for me to have one of my own.

  12. robin mc Avatar
    robin mc

    Love the new sweater pattern! Could really use a Gleener. Fingers crossed that I win!

  13. Kat Avatar

    I’d love a Gleener! My current method of de-pilling is cutting off each pill individually with embroidery scissors-yuck!

  14. Karen Maddi Avatar
    Karen Maddi

    I would love a Gleener. I’d also really like to try this sweater. I’ve put it in my queue for the future!

  15. Sarah Avatar

    Would love an upgrade to my sweater stone. Also, this pattern is lovely!

  16. Annette Avatar

    love the new sweater pattern!

  17. TheBon Avatar

    Rusholme looks so cozy!!

  18. Laura Avatar

    I’ve never tried a Gleener but always wanted to. Love the cardi!

  19. Amy Avatar

    love the new pattern!

  20. Sherri Avatar

    Love your cardigan – looks like it would be very comfortable! Would love to try the Gleener.

  21. Alison Avatar

    I have one of these – – but it seems too rough for some jobs. Different options would be great!

  22. Kayteau Avatar

    Really like that cardi! Looks like just the thing to wear on a grey and dreary day.

  23. brella Avatar

    what a nice basic cardie!

  24. Wendy Avatar

    The sweater is so gorgeous, it may make me try to to install a zipper. The Gleener is so amazing, I too want to share it with everyone!

  25. Sherry Avatar

    i have wanted to try the Gleener for a while now! Love your sweater too, looks very cozy!

  26. Francesca Avatar

    Gleener looks like a great tool. And the new sweater is fantastic!

  27. Judy Avatar

    Wow, Laura, you are a knitting machine! Another beautiful sweater. What a great tool the Gleener looks to be, much better than my sweater stone. And how special that you were gifted one for a giveaway on the basis of your recommendation. Very thoughtful on their part.

  28. terry b Avatar
    terry b

    beautiful sweater design. Going into my queue!

  29. Sarahb Avatar

    love rusholme- looks cosy but smart.

  30. Marie Biswell Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to get a de-piller (is that a word) because all of the dresses that I knitted for my baby girl have pilled up something bad…. I didn’t take in the ‘crawling’ bit of the dresses & the knees are the worst!

  31. Melody N Avatar
    Melody N

    I added a gleener to my Christmas list after your last post but alas my family doesn’t always understand my fibers needs. If I don’t win on or receive a gift I’ll just have to order one!

  32. Dr. Steph Avatar
    Dr. Steph

    I remember you cleaning my mittens with one of these. They’re full of pills again. I need one of these!

  33. Dee Avatar

    Wow–a way to refresh my sweaters. Great product!

  34. Vanessa Avatar

    The sweater looks fabulous – great choice of colour!

  35. Cathie Taggart Avatar
    Cathie Taggart

    Lovely sweater!

  36. Dana (DanaRae19 on Ravelry) Avatar
    Dana (DanaRae19 on Ravelry)

    Lovely sweater. :) I’d love to win the Gleener too, I would put it to use, that’s for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Natalie (nteal37 RavId) Avatar
    Natalie (nteal37 RavId)

    I would love to have a Gleener.

  38. Kate Avatar

    I’d love a Gleener! I’ve definitely dropped a few hints to my family to buy me one for Christmas but I’ve got several sweaters in desperate need of depilling and I haven’t found anything that does a good job other than cutting off the pills individually!

  39. Enid Avatar

    The gleener looks like a cool gadget. The sweater looks very comfortable and great!

  40. Miriam T Avatar
    Miriam T

    The Gleener looks like a wonderful tool.

  41. carolyn Avatar

    I just put a Gleener on my wish list. I have a couple of sweaters badly in need of a clean up! The Rusholme sweater is really nice. Looks so warm and cozy.

  42. Deb Avatar

    I have been wanting to try the Gleener! It looks like it works really well.

  43. Jen Avatar

    Another lovely one, Laura! And, a Gleener giveaway :)

  44. Jen Avatar

    Great sweater!!!

  45. Suzanne Avatar

    Ohhhh i have wanted to get this for Noel last year, I had put it on my wishlist but nobody got it for me…this coat/jacket/cardigan is just so perfect, will purchase the pattern

  46. Jen Avatar

    I love your new design! It looks great on you!

  47. Linda T Avatar
    Linda T

    Fun giveaway. The sweater is beautiful and I love the colour too.

  48. Ruthie Avatar

    My sweater shaver just broke so the Gleener would be perfect. Very pretty sweater pattern, and it looks lovely on you too!

  49. Karalee Avatar

    Great giveaway, and I love the sweater! A zipper closure seems so practical, but I haven’t dared try one yet; I fear my sewing skills are not quite up to it.

  50. Lara Avatar

    What a perfect tool for sweater wearers, thanks for mentioning.

  51. Rycrafty Avatar

    The Gleener looks great!

  52. Keren Avatar

    Laura – this pattern is amazing. The cardi looks super cozi and very beautiful

  53. MarAyala Avatar

    Very nice pattern. I like how you matched with your outfit. Very nice for the cold in our Toronto.

  54. Andrea Avatar

    Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving.

  55. holly Avatar

    Have been coveting the Gleener since your post! (Also, love your new pattern!)

  56. Erika Avatar

    Haven’t heard of a Gleener since I saw your post. Would love to try it out.

  57. Erika Avatar

    Wanted to say: before I saw your post :-)

  58. Caro Avatar

    Beautiful sweater, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  59. Michelle Avatar

    I have been lusting over a Gleener since your post!

  60. V Avatar

    Ha! I used to spend a lot of time on Rusholme Rd.

  61. Janieb Avatar

    Fab sweater, you almost coordinate with the gleaner colour wise !

  62. Mandy B. Avatar
    Mandy B.

    Gorgeous cardigan – I love the pockets and the color! If only I had time for personal knitting before Christmas…..

  63. Ariane Avatar

    Oooh, I need another cozy sweater… this might fit the bill.

  64. Ella Avatar

    What a cute sweater! Perfect for a snowy day like it is here!

  65. AngelaH Avatar

    Oh man, I could totally use one of those! And by “one of those” I really mean both the sweater and the Gleener.

    email: angela.l.hickman(AT)gmail

  66. Gina in the SF Bay Area Avatar
    Gina in the SF Bay Area

    The sweater is adorable, and you look absolutely adorable as its model.

  67. Judy May Avatar
    Judy May

    Love the sweater! Would also love to have the Gleener.

  68. Lila Avatar

    Love the cardigan!

  69. Diane Fuller Avatar
    Diane Fuller

    Another great pattern and the Gleener seems looks like a great help. Even if I don’t win I will probably buy one.

  70. millie Avatar

    Love the pattern, and the gleener looks great!

  71. SarahP Avatar

    Rusholme looks great on you – love the seed stitch border with the zipper! And I’m intrigued by the Gleaner – yay for giveaways!

  72. Shannon Avatar

    I love the cardigan!

  73. Kim Avatar

    Lovely sweater and the gleener looks neat!!

  74. carrie Avatar

    What a great sweater! I need a cozy sweater like that.

  75. Melissah Avatar

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’m a long time reader/ lurker and I would love to win a Gleener :) I have heard a lot about them and would love to give it a try.

  76. Robynn Avatar

    Great sweater!!! Looks super cozy :)
    Sweet giveaway,too :)

  77. Ursula Avatar

    Sweater looks very cozy. Would love to try out a Gleener.

  78. Sarah Avatar

    I had to check out the Gleener webpage – definitely need one!

  79. Angela Avatar

    The Gleener looks great! :)

  80. Anita Dodds Avatar
    Anita Dodds

    Always looking for a way to freshen up the knits. Gleaner looks great.

  81. charlotte baker Avatar
    charlotte baker

    Looks so comfortable.

  82. heather Avatar

    I love that jacket and hey thanks for the nice easy entry.

  83. Kelly K. Avatar
    Kelly K.

    The Gleener will definitely come in handy since I plan on making more sweaters during the upcoming months!

  84. hazel hubnt Avatar
    hazel hubnt

    Gleener would work wonders for me.

  85. danielle Marie Avatar
    danielle Marie

    i need to try out this pattern! also i would love to have this for all my sweaters.

  86. Melissa Avatar

    cool pattern! i’d love the gleener for my sweaters please! thanks for the giveaway! hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  87. Cynthia C Avatar
    Cynthia C

    A Gleener set would keep my clothes looking great. Thanks for the chance.

  88. Judith R. Avatar
    Judith R.

    I would love to try out the Gleener set.

  89. melissa fowers Avatar
    melissa fowers

    Very cool never heard of that before this post!

  90. Jenna Oh Avatar
    Jenna Oh

    I would give this to my grandma, she would love it!

  91. nickie Avatar

    The Gleener looks great!

  92. Linda DeHaan Avatar
    Linda DeHaan

    Love it

  93. Julia Barnes Avatar
    Julia Barnes

    That sweater looks great! You did a wonderful job!

  94. May Avatar

    Another awesome pattern! Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. Ehara Poetry Avatar

    oh i really wish i am the lucky one to try the gleener :-D

    my email:

  96. Kathy Pease Avatar
    Kathy Pease

    Thanks so much for the chance :)

  97. Alexis Hope Avatar
    Alexis Hope

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving.

  98. McKim Avatar

    Looks like a great tool to have. I have several sweaters that could use this!

  99. Ed Avatar

    This would be for my neighbor!

  100. Erica B. Avatar
    Erica B.

    Count me in.

  101. Leslie Avatar

    What a lovely sweater. I love the color.

  102. Liz Avatar

    Love the new pattern and would love a Gleener for all the sweaters I just took out for winter!

  103. Leela Avatar

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Missy Avatar

    I would love this, I have a some sweaters that need this. :)

  105. saralynns2 Avatar

    I think this is a brilliant product!

  106. Cheryl Avatar

    I’ve always meant to try one of these.

  107. Jen C Avatar
    Jen C

    Awesome giveaway! I am looking to try an alternative de-piller. thanks!!

  108. Jodi Avatar

    Thanks for the chance, would love to try it out. I also love the pattern.

  109. Brenda Robinson Avatar
    Brenda Robinson

    Love the sweater and the gleener!

  110. Jill Avatar

    All of your projects are not only beautiful but, very inspiring! I love them all!

  111. Lauren Avatar

    I’ve razored holes in too many sweaters trying to remove pills :( A Gleener would be excellent!

  112. Coryna Avatar

    Another cozy looking pattern, Laura! A Gleener is on my knitting tool wish list!

  113. MARIA simon Avatar
    MARIA simon

    Looks like a great tool to have

  114. Christian Alejandro Avatar
    Christian Alejandro

    It’s a great gift idea!

  115. Shannon Avatar

    I’d love to try this! I have such a problem with pilling!

  116. Melanie Comello Avatar
    Melanie Comello

    The gleener would be perfect….I can’t even lie, although i have a few sweaters that could use it, all kidding aside, i’d mostly love it for my little girls sweater dresses!! I’m still not quite sure, why her’s do it so much more then mine. Maybe it’s just because they’re worn more often lol, or at least it seems that way.

  117. Melanie Montgomery Avatar
    Melanie Montgomery

    I have so many swaeters that need saving with this!

  118. Angela W Avatar
    Angela W

    I’d love a Gleener! Thanks for the chance

  119. Buddy Garrett Avatar
    Buddy Garrett

    The Gleener sounds great.