Cathode: I love, love, love Stefanie’s designs. She rocks. I’d do long sleeves.
Belle Epoque: very pretty, but not for me. Looks kind of maternity-like (as many things with empire waists do).
Tempting: classic…on a skinny person with a flat stomach. Not me. I really like the ribbon though.
Wavy: awesomeness!
Cross-country: astonishingly intricate.
Very tall socks: LOVE these! I don’t know if I’d do them in worsted weight, though – talk about adding pounds to the legs. But I’d definitely adapt ’em for finer gauge.
Muffy: muahahaha! An excuse to buy that Fleece Artist roving!
Pasha: screw the $6 bobbi bear pattern, everyone’s getting a penguin!
Wine Cozy: a great idea! Party gifts!
Kureyon Kozy: quick, do I know tea drinkers??

When I started clicking through the patterns (I always go in order the first time through), I wasn’t all THAT impressed. But once I’d seen all the patterns, I realized how amazing this issue is!

Dammit. Now I’ve got even more things to knit!

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