I really busted it out this week on my sweater with bows!

The upper body went really fast with lots of decreases.

raglan decreases

Seaming raglans is really easy and satisfying.

raglan seam

Even the button band didn’t take too long.

off the needles!

Just needs some buttons and a good blocking. The temperature’s dropped quite a bit today, so I’m rather eager to have this one ready to wear!

8 Responses to “neat and orderly”

  1. Michelle Moses

    That looks really cute! I really enjoy how the color seems to go from light blue to heather grey in your pictures- which one is truest to the ACTUAL color?

  2. Christina

    You know, I wasn’t convinced by the bow thing until today, when you showed that construction. I REALLY hope that’s going to be a pattern eventually, because I need that sweater now :-)

  3. Maryse

    It’s beautiful! Here too in Mtl the weather went down a few degrees since yesterday, brrrrr…. Yeah to warm sweaters!


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