my pen ran out of ink

So now I’ll have to go buy some more, since that was my favourite pen! (Using another colour, in the meantime.)

I took some pictures last night, but since I don’t really have time to resize and all that, I’ll share some other things.

Alison’s skull sweater rocks my socks!

The photography on Sweet Georgia is AMAZING. I want to take pictures like that. Well, not exactly like that, because it’s not really my style, but as skillful as that.

Looking at stuff on Sephora kind of makes me want to get into wearing makeup again. Really nice makeup. Classic colours, just that one lip-gloss-that-makes-me-put-together kind of thing. Oh Stila, Philosophy, Lorac, Nars….why must you torment me so? But then I also look at Lush stuff (which I actually do use until it’s gone, which isn’t difficult at all) and I want yummy natural body lotions and stuff that don’t have whacks of chemicals.

Hey! We should get together on an order from Sephora online. The prices are cheaper than getting them here – and there’s free shipping on $120 CAD or more. And while I could easily spend that much, I uh…really shouldn’t? Anyone interested?

Minimal knitting content: I finished the scarf for my cousin D and started another for a friend (pictures forthcoming). I’ve also decided to make a black scarf out of Mission Falls wool for my teenaged-boy cousin M. Oh, and since I couldn’t sleep last night I cast on for the back of my Must Have.

Happy Sunday!






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