Progress on the grey sock…less than 3″ till the toe! It goes quickly when I work on it (story of my knitting life…).

In spinning, I did up some shiny merino/silk. I’m hoping that when this is plied with another equal bobbin, it’ll fill the third bobbin and won’t go over. How do people spin up full bobbins of singles to be plied? Doesn’t that mean your plied skeins need to be all broken up? Or does everyone have a jumbo plying bobbin?

And…..all the pieces of the Monk’s Satchel are done!

See anything weird?

By the knot at the side of the strap/gusset?

Yeah, I screwed up the seed stitch. When I resized the photo, I actually said out loud “oh you are fucking kidding me”. But, it shall be on the bottom of the bag so I don’t really care. And if it bugs me enough, I’ll just duplicate stitch on the purl bumps.

Just a couple of pieces of i-cord and the pieces meet my washing machine, and then a crochet hook.



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6 responses to “motorin’”

  1. Chee Ann Avatar

    Hey, I’m a new reader to but I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see how your Monk’s Satchel turns out!

  2. may Avatar

    mm, i have a ‘bundle’ of merino silk roving sitting somewhere in storage…sooo yummy! too bad my spinning skills don’t match how wonderful it is! (i’m storing it until i one day start spinning again and somehow get better..hehe)

    you are such a prolific knitter/spinner! kudos!

  3. Vicki Avatar

    I can’t wait to see how Monk’s looks. I’ve been patiently waiting before I commit to it, although I can’t imagine it not being adorable. Just need some yarn (story of MY knitting life).

  4. jayme Avatar

    ooh, i can’t wait to see how your satchel turns out. lovely spinning too. i find that regular lendrum bobbins (i have a folding dt also) hold about 4oz of yarn at whatever thickness. i cheat at plying sometimes and make a center pull ball of singles, tie a knot at the end and andean ply my yarn that way. i’ve got two wheelspun yarns in the same colorway in the same gauge, but one is andean plied and the other is two bobbins plied together. there’s a noticeable difference.

  5. Tipper Avatar

    Since I only have three bobbins, I fill two bobbins about halfway and ply. I have a weird sense of being able to get things almost exact.

  6. Kari Avatar

    I had to laugh at your discovery by photo. I have had that happen twice – I look at a damned object that I have finished and think it is lovely and only after I take a picture of it do I notice a mistake.

    Why is that? I think I am so happy to get done that my eyes don’t even pick up the mistakes until the light of truth from the camera flash shines upon them.

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