motorin’ along

I did actually manage to get a few things done today! Actual schoolwork was involved, and will continue to be involved! Meanwhile, here’s a couple of FO’s – excuse the indecency of ends hanging out.

Manos scarf is done.

Here’s a closeup.

Manos Scarf – Christmas present
pattern: by me
yarn: manos del uruguay, colour 110
needles: size 10.5 Denise
started: november 4, 2004
finished: november 8, 2004

Kersti handwarmers are done!

The colour blows in that picture, so here’s another one which is slightly more accurate.

Kersti Handwarmers – Christmas present
pattern: from knitwit
yarn: koigu kersti, purples
needles: size 7 brittany double points
started: october 31, 2004
finished: november 7, 2004

And finally, here’s Phoebe! I knit this kick-ass hat by Jessie in just a couple hours yesterday.

Unfortunately…she’s a little big. Both too wide and too tall. But no biggie, it was so superquick, I’ll just rip ‘er out and try again. I can’t decide whether using both smaller needles and a smaller size would be overkill and end up too small.

I’m trying to restrain myself from starting yet another cardie for me, with the Jo Sharp Silkroad – it’s getting cold out, and it would be so fast…hm. I probably will end up starting it tonight, actually. Between all that schoolwork.






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