moss scarf/wrap

Dudes. I love weaving. Not the least of which is because it’s freaking fast.

jared-style macro

finished woven wrap/scarf

I wove this scarf on an Ashford rigid heddle loom, 24″ width, with a 10dpi reed. I didn’t do the total width of the loom, a bit less on both ends, so it’s 18″ across and about six feet long including the fringe. About 220 ends total (do people want this kind of info with weaving projects? hmm).

Fleece Artist Cashlana (90% merino, 10% cashmere, 400m/100g) means this baby is sooooooft. ETA: oops, I forgot to say that this project took 2 skeins!

scarfy goodness

It’s a pretty airy, drapey fabric, but darn warm too. Perfect for the weird inbetween weather we’ve been having (but I’m not complaining because I prefer the cooler temps – yesterday was like 27 C and it was tooooo hot!).

knotted fringe

Did I mention I love it? Mmmmmm.

I think there’s lots more weaving in my future. I’m considering getting maybe a second heddle kit for more patterning, and maybe a finer reed too. Would there be any interest if I made a few similar scarves and wraps to sell?

up next

P.S. I made the Doane Paper blog! I love their paper, seriously. You should go buy some. (And if the Doane paper people want to thank me by sending me more paper, I’ll graciously accept, hee!)







35 responses to “moss scarf/wrap”

  1. leslie Avatar

    Hi there Lisa,
    I was just reading your blog ans saw your finished weaving project. I juat love it. I wanted to know where you got your loom. I have wanted to weave and took classes on it but the looms are just too big and take soo so long to set up. What type of yarn did you use. Was the loom that you used hard to set up and did it take a long time to do. I unterstand that with the loom that you used you can not create patterns withing your project and that you can weave straight. That is why I loved your yarn. Also on a big loom you have to use strong yarn or it will break. Is this true with the loom that you use.

    Again your project came out very beautiful. I feel very inspired.


  2. Vicki Avatar

    I would definitely buy a scarf/wrap. Yours is beautiful and I know a few people who would appreciate such an item.

  3. Vanessa Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I so want a loom – have been thinking about it for 2 years now – and your scarf – it is gorgeous – love green – I love color!
    I want one!
    Vanessa in Upstate NY

  4. Allison Avatar

    Is there anything you can’t do? The scarf is gorgeous.

  5. kitkatknit Avatar

    Yes please, I appreciate all the information you posted about the scarf. It came out beautiful. I need to dust off my Kromski Harp (and my other Rasmussen loom) and get them warped. How many yards did the scarf take total?

    I seem to wear my handwoven scarves more often than my knitted ones.

  6. Ali Avatar

    That is some lovely weaving, and I love what you’ve done with the fringes. :-)

    Btw, those skeins of Socks that Rock are beautiful! Are they the next ones to be fed into your loom?

  7. Heather Avatar

    Gorgeous scarf! “Would there be interest?” Hah! You know there are tons of us ready to mug you for that one, right?

    The short answer…yes, silly!

  8. Kelly Avatar

    Interested!?! YES!!! Especially after viewing these luscious pictures! Just beautiful.

  9. Steph Avatar

    Wow, that scarf is gorgeous! If only I had room to weave…no, no bad thoughts! ;)

  10. Phoe Avatar

    Any interest?! I’ll say!

    Gorgeous scarf.

  11. Alice from france Avatar

    Just wonderful! Ilove your scarf Laura! It should be so great to wear it! Awww!
    (i’m jalous plus i love that green!!)

  12. Adriana Avatar

    I’d be interested too!

    Did the scarf really just take one skein of Cashlana?

  13. Stephanie Avatar

    What Heather up there said. ;D What a beautiful scarf. Is weaving all that hard? Might have to take that up… Just for the scarves, you know…

  14. Knittingarch Avatar

    I would be interested in a scarf too! So gorgeous!

  15. pixie Avatar

    I LOVE that info as I am thinking of buying a loom :)

  16. Kathy Avatar

    Just let me know when the scarves are ready – I’m definitely interested!! My mother-in-law has an enormous loom, would love to have it, but requires transporting it 1000 km’s. So, where can you get one like yours??

  17. Bridget Avatar

    Count me in as someone who would definitely be interested in buying one of your scarves or wraps!

  18. Knittripps Avatar

    Interested? Heck yeah! It is gorgeous.

  19. not an artist Avatar

    Wow, that wrap is stunning.

    Now I need to get my hands on a loom too!

  20. Angie Avatar

    Your Moss Wrap is lovely. The weaving accents the subtle color changes in the yarn.

    Yes, please include all the information (total number of ends and so forth). I have yet to warp my Schacht Flip but you are inspiring me to find the time.

  21. Debbie Avatar

    Your scarf is gorgeous! You should be very proud! I would love to have one, myself. I wish I knew how to weave. I used to love making potholders when I was little! HA! Who didn’t make those?? Yes, I want a scarf that you’ve made. Info, please!

  22. […] am SO, I <3 weaving! I wear this thing ALL the TIME. And this whole simple woven wrap thing is making the rounds in Blogland. Laura generously and wisely offers up the sort of info you need to make a nice […]

  23. rebecca Avatar

    such a lovely green. i took a half dozen weaving courses in art school and while i completely feel in love with the lengthy process of finally reaching the stage of weaving, i was always amazed at how quickly i was done. your weaving bring back sweet memories of art school and make me want to dig out all my weaving notebooks to review patterns and notes and such.

  24. Cirilia Avatar

    W00t, weaving!!

  25. My.Dead.Basil Avatar

    My goodness! That is GORGEOUS! So gorgeous, in fact, that it makes me yearn for a loom! Is it too early for me to start requesting one as a Christmas gift from my significant other?

  26. Tammy Avatar

    I just ordered that same Moss Cashlana for a shawl but your woven wrap is absolutely stunning! Oh my… I think I might need a loom!

  27. Lydia / Windandsea Avatar

    That is just beauteous. I wish I could touch it!

  28. […] planted the seed and Camilla Valley Farm added the fertilizer…now I’m looking at my stash in a whole new […]

  29. brenda in toronto Avatar

    “Would there be any interest if I made a few similar scarves and wraps to sell?” YES YES YES – espcially if you made that green one again :)

  30. Julia Avatar

    Woah – I don’t read your blog for a while and there’s a whole new fibre art on here! Love the scarf/wrap. Just the kind of thing I love but is too boring to knit! I know I’M interested!

  31. Bridget Avatar

    Very nice. I also have a RH loom (20″ Beka) – I agree this is an astonishingly great way to use up some of that sock yarn that I’ve been accumulating for the last three years. Especially since I’ve realized that I’ll probably never make that many socks in my life.

    I love my RH. Love. I also netted 6-7 cones of yarn suitable for warp at the Textile Museum sale yesterday, at $1-/cone. Now I can experiment with cheap stuff and not feel guilty!

  32. sandra742 Avatar

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