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First up, there are a couple of small omissions in the written instructions for Milkweed, in Chart D. Rows 64 and 66 were missing a yo, and Row 68 was missing a k6. These have been corrected, and you can download another version on Ravelry called “MilkweedShawlJune18”. I tried to send out a notification from Ravelry, but I don’t think it worked! Anyway, the chart remains the same.

Now some photos of the prototype version that I actually knit first, out of Koigu.

koigu milkweed prototype

I used 2 skeins and had very little leftover. This one is still a bit smaller than the Casbah one because the koigu is thinner.


It was a case of me thinking I could remember what I knit after the fact to write the pattern, when I really couldn’t! So I ended up knitting up the Casbah one and writing down the pattern row by row as I went.

I really love the Koigu version for the colours and the squishyness (yay garter stitch), but the pattern is somewhat obscured.

koigu milkweed




4 responses to “more milkweed”

  1. andrea Avatar

    Laura, is the Milkweed pattern able to be mod’d to make a bigger one? Using worsted weight would be one way, but is the repeat easy to extend to make a version that’s twice as large?

  2. ysolda Avatar

    I’ve never had a problem with the rav update notifications not working, so if you think it didn’t you may want to check in with Casey.

  3. Mary-Heather Avatar

    Casey recently posted some details about update links – perhaps this will help?

    Pretty shawl, both versions! I really love the rich blue. :)

  4. Anna Avatar

    I can’t get the new version to come up, and I didn’t get a Ravelry notice, either. I wonder if it might take awhile for the changes to go through? Either way, I’ve been meaning to start this, so I’m glad for the corrected version! Thanks!

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