Mmmmmm. Greeeeeen. Something about it’s really very calming and just summery, you know? This one’s a lush, bright (but not too bright) green from Dream in Color – I’ve been working on a quickie knit shrug as a shop sample. Here’s the zoom out…

dream in color shrug

(new camera = lots of glamour shots)

I actually finished the main body of the shrug tonight at knit night, so it just needs a bit of sewing up and ribbing along the edge (by someone else, since I’m going on vacay so soon! really need to start packing).

Speaking of glamour shots…here’s some of the latest handspun.

Beauuuutiful polwarth/alpaca/angora, I think it was from Spirit Trail, purchase at Rhinebeck. I spun it up quite thin, although there are more than a few little lumpy bits that weren’t totally blended in – I find them charming.

ooh pretty

Came out to about 488 yards in 2 oz, definitely enough for something lacey and light. Maybe a swallowtail shawl? Haven’t tried that one yet.

Trying to dole out the blog fodder over a couple days! More soon, including a new project or two…I seem to be having some startitis issues!

24 Responses to “more greenery”

  1. Anna

    Gah! I just posted about you people!! How do you DO that? 480 yds. out of 2 oz??? You must be messing with the order of time and space!

  2. Val

    That is a scrumptious green! Totally appropriate for your recent gardening! Just a note, of all the veggies in our garden, I’ve found the tomatoes and snow peas to be the most worth it – so pricey in the store, so much tastier when grown organically at home!

  3. Jodie

    Beautiful green! I’ve been having startitis too, but I think I’ve got it under control now.

    Plus, I loved the garden pictures. Hope to see more later.

  4. protagitron

    That’s one of the prettiest green colourways I’ve ever seen, and I’m a bit of a green nut. The handspun is very nice too, and would make a lovely Swallowtail, kind of like the wings of a mourning dove.

  5. Suzanne V.

    Forget the yarn (although it’s lovely)–I’m coveting those close-ups! How the heck do you get such clear shots? My closeups always look like I took them drunk and in the dark–which may be true on occasion, but not every time.

  6. Sil

    Very pretty green indeed! I hope your vacation will be somewhere warm and lovely.

  7. joy

    green was always a meh color for me. but then there came a flurry of GREEN in blogland lately and i think i’m falling in love!

  8. Cassie

    Gorgeous shots, all of them (what kind of camera?). And the knitting – stunning, as always.

  9. Thalia

    I’ve become more drawn to green in the last few months/year or so – and the detail shot you have is gorgeous. It looks like an aerial shot of a forested series of mountaintops.

  10. Dani

    I was in the shop on Saturday and had a chill, so I tried on the shrug. Guess what I came home with? Two skeins in burgandy and the pattern. I am almost done the body, such a nice quick knit

  11. Summer « Knitting Kninja

    […] 5 Jun 2007 Summer Posted by Kristen under Sweaters , Future Projects , In progress , Knitting , Miscellany  Iwant to eat green and gold. When I saw this stunner of a shrug at CosmicPluto’s blog, I think my mouth actually watered. There are certain colors that become more appealing in season, and right now all I want is an enormous mess of yarn that mimics the rolling greens and golds of the trees that line the canyons and hills. I drive along the highway and imagine colorways of tender new grass, summery forests, the strawlike weeds on the pastures. […]


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