FO: more and taller socks

I started these ones in India but didn’t get very far – I think I was on the top of the increases when I got home. These started out with the intention of being knee socks, but once I hit the ribbing I just kept going! I thought they would end up thigh-high, but they’re more like just over the knee with the ribbing a bit scrunched.

242.365 - over the knees

In the front they’re just plain:

over the knee socks

But in the back there’s a wee cable (mirrored between the two socks) right up from the bottom up the heel to the start of the ribbing. in the back!

Tough to photograph since the yarn is so dark! I used 2 skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy in Midnight Derby – a fantastic colour. My knee socks pattern (for the stripey ones) is nearly complete, so I’m going to add in notes on how to turn them into over-the-knee socks into that pattern.

Somehow I’ve been plugging away at several big projects so now I have one almost complete (just needs blocking and buttons) sweatercoat and one almost complete cardigan as well! Oh, I did take a photo of the cardigan last week, so here it is.

I seem to be liking the circular yoke lately

I still need to figure a collar and buttonband treatment, but I’m getting there!



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16 responses to “FO: more and taller socks”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Wow, the over-the-knee socks are beautiful! They seem to fit you incredibly well, and are very practical with skirts.

  2. andrea Avatar

    I love over the knee socks! these looks so squishy and cozy!

  3. Elise Avatar

    I love the cable up the back. Simple, and all it needs. I really like the length, too. Do they stay up well? I always have problems with long socks sliding or rolling down my calf.

    I’m loving that cardigan, too! The shaping with the rib looks very flattering!

  4. mai Avatar

    ooh i can’t wait for a pattern! those socks are amazing.

  5. yarnpiggy Avatar

    Love the cables!

    And the cardigan looks beautiful, too. Which yarn are you using for it?

  6. jane Avatar

    Nice socks and I’m very excited to see how the cardigan turns out.

  7. Stephanie Avatar

    The socks are great, but I’m really loving that cardigan. The way the cables come together at the waist is just dreamy….

  8. Jennifer Avatar

    Those are beautiful – and such a great color.

  9. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the socks. It will soon be too warm for them (see my crossed fingers), but they look like just the thing for the winter layers!

  10. The Knitting Archaeologist Avatar

    OMG! Those socks are gorgeous…I love the little cable up the back…may have to make a pair of these:)

  11. little_lj Avatar

    I really need to get a better mindset when it comes to knitting socks… I don’t know what it is but they always seem so daunting: the endless leg, getting the tension right when turning the heel… and no sooner have you finished one… then you have to start all over on another! It’s like thinking you’ve reached the summit of a mountain, only to realise its not the summit at all, and you still have another identical huge trek ahead of you.

    Or maybe that’s just me??

  12. juniperjune Avatar

    ooh, i love the vertical lines on that cardigan! are we going to get a pattern??

  13. Karalee Avatar

    The socks are beautiful! And you’re right, Midnight Derby is a great color – I just finished an Amelia cardigan in the worsted weight. (Love that pattern!)

  14. Andi Avatar

    I love the cardigan. Great little rib detail. Are you going to make the pattern available?

  15. darlene Avatar

    love the socks and the cardigan! i am so inspired…just need more time!

  16. gleek Avatar

    i love those over-the-knee socks. they are so so cute and perfect for spring, no? the cardigan is so great. i can’t wait to see what it looks like with the button band and collar!

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