Aw, where’d mine go?



It was way too big, I didn’t love the darts. But I am undeterred – I figured out some numbers, and am back on past the armholes. I think it’ll go faster this time.

5 Responses to “mojo”

  1. Jill

    Laura, so sad to see that you had to frog it. I’m sure it will be fantastic the second time around!

  2. Vicki

    At least it’ll fit right. I think I’m gonna have to rip one of my projects (although admittedly I’m not that far in). If I had any mojo to spare I’d send some your way :)

  3. Johanna

    okay, with jae’s help I figured out ‘MoFo’, but what on earth is ‘MoJo’?
    I’m so behind on this knitting/blog thing. it’s embarassing really. Or maybe it’s not. maybe it’s cool.


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