mmmm, noro

Awhile ago we got in some new silk garden and kureyon at the store, and there was one colour that lots of knitters (myself included) were drawn to – this natural colour of silk garden (number 269).


I snapped myself up a bunch and have rather quickly worked up most of a new sweater/wrap thing! I took this photo on Tuesday and now this piece is done – it’s a big rectangle, with seed stitch borders (since we all know how much I love seed stitch).

The plan is a rectangle-with-sleeves – I planned out the dimensions, and knit in some waste yarn in strategic places to be pulled out, and sleeves knitted down. Hard to explain, but I’m hoping it’ll be pretty cool. So the rectangle’s done, now I just need to knit the sleeves, and it looks like I’ll be right on with yardage (10 skeins).

Nice when that stuff works out, eh?







7 responses to “mmmm, noro”

  1. Protagiton Avatar

    Lovely, ghostlike colour. I’m intrigued by the sweater construction- will it turn out kind of wrap-like? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Laura Avatar

    “mmmm” is right! That is a gorgeous colorway. Good luck with your sleeves!

  3. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Can’t picture it, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. Your designs are always great, so I’m sure I”ll love it.

  4. Christy Avatar

    Never been a huge fan of Noro…for some reason when my knitshop (at which I am gainfully employed) carried Noro it always felt scratchy to me. Odd for a silk. However, your knit object looks lovely. And I’ve been a huge fan of your designs on the past (Serrano and Roam per example), so with your endorsement I am willing to give Noro another try!

  5. Jenna Avatar

    Ooh, I’ve wanted to make a wrap sweater-y like this for ages! Your idea of inserting waste yarn is great, although i wonder how you’re figuring out how far your yardage will take you and thus where to put the sleeves. How long are you planning for the rectangle to be? Can’t wait to see this, I may have to copy you right away!

  6. […] My current yarn obsession is Color 269 of Noro Silk Garden, that creamy natural ivory color, as seen on Cosmicpluto’s blog. I want some! But really, I think what it is is that it makes me itch to start knitting my skein of Ivory Sea Silk, in the same color scheme. […]

  7. Elizabeth Avatar

    I love it! The silk garden in that color is perfect. Is this another design for Lettuce Knit, or can the Americans get it too?

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