merry merry!

Okay, I’m actually not all that merry this year – I just can’t seem to find that Christmassy spirit. Oh well. Keep on trucking, I guess! I do finally have all my gifts set, but I do need to do some (erm, possibly all) of the wrapping up tonight. with proper shoulders

The vest turned out fine, quite nicely in fact! I’m just about to sew on the buttons, the fake-woven-leather kind. I’ll try to get a modeled shot tomorrow!

At our gift-exchange dinner last weekend, my aunt remarked that my grandmother would probably like the hat I was wearing (Gretel), so I quickly cast on for another in some super yummy Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted.

gretel in progress

It’s in Cranberry, which my camera’s doesn’t love – it’s darker and richer than it looks in the photo. Currently still drying, so it might need to be wrapped tomorrow. Good thing people won’t be over until suppertime.

I’ve made an eggplant casserole for my Christmas dinner main, since everyone else will be eating turkey/roast beef/salmon (yeah, it’s a lot of meat), and put together yummy yummy taco dip. I baked up a batch of Ysolda’s gingerbread cupcakes in my mini cupcake pan and they are super cute! One batch made just shy of four dozen minis. My icing is a bit runny though, I’ve already put in a lot of sugar so now I’m hoping that a sit in the fridge uncovered, and frosting the cakes right before serving, might help it along. Any other ideas? I should’ve made it a cream cheese frosting…

While I scramble to do all those last-minute things, I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have a great one.

tinsel bokeh

And for those who don’t – have a great Thursday!



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12 responses to “merry merry!”

  1. Jocelyn Avatar

    Merry Christmas, hun! Looks like you have a GREAT 2009 to look forward to! Keep blogging.

  2. Jacqueline Avatar

    Merry Christmas!!! Love that hat and the vest!!

  3. cici Avatar

    Lovely photos.. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Nancy Avatar

    I knit the Gretel Hat recently for my daughter and it turned out great…I thought until she dropped it one night coming out of a club after her Christmas party. At first, she led me to believe the worst thing ever happened. My mind raced and then she said I lost my hat. The next afternoon she went back and it was there lying on the sidewalk out front. Obviously not as wonderful a hat as I thought because no one took it. Not even a homeless person. And I do have to say she looked rather striking when I saw her disembarking from the train when she returned home from Christmas wearing her hat. Hopefully the spirit overtakes you.

  5. Heather Avatar

    Somehow that vest looks delicious.

    I just wanted to say, I knit up a Simple Yet Effective Shawl as a present for our former landlady — wonderful pattern, such a quick and easy knit, yet very smart-looking! Thank you for it!

  6. fleur Avatar

    Joyeux Noël!!

  7. Wendolene Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  8. gleek Avatar

    i’m sure she loved the gretel! merry christmas! (p.s. love that last shot of the garland. sparkly!)

  9. Laughingrat Avatar

    That vest is perfect. With the buttons you describe, it will be the quintessential Grandfather vest.

    My camera also has trouble with certain colors, or with very pale colors. If only I could be bothered to read my manual, I’d probably learn all about that mysterious “White balance” control. In the meanwhile, I’ve started popping something else in a complementary color into the frame as well, and sometimes that helps.

  10. Rockymoreno Avatar

    I love that vest! Very cool.

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the vest! I never really thought I’d be that partial to brown until I saw brown yarns, which somehow are so much richer than the browns used in the ready-to-wear clothing market.

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