I’m trying to keep up the blogging, I really am! Really must try not to let it get away from me or it’ll be so hard to catch up – as it is, 2 days’ worth of photos is a fair amount to sort through.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I managed to get up a whole 2 hours earlier than the day before, had some breakfast in the flat and then caught a bus out to Holyrood Park. My first stop was the Palace at Holyroodhouse – the official Scottish residence of the Queen. No photography allowed inside, sadly, so you’ll have to take my word for it! It was interesting enough, a bit stuffy but still pretty cool. The plasterwork ceilings and original furniture are pretty.

My favourite bit was the Abbey, which is a ruin. The nave is the only part still standing.

abbey at holyroodhouse

abbey at holyroodhouse

Then I headed up Arthur’s Seat, the tallest hill in Edinburgh. Unfortunately due to the lack of maps and/or trail markers, I ended up taking a Very Tricky Route up involving very steep stone “steps” (sorta). Got a bit discouraged and ended up calling it quits most of the way to the top. Yeah, I’m sort of disappointed in myself too. Maybe another time, with someone who knows an easier way!

climbing Arthur's Seat

Still a pretty great view from the ledge where I stopped though.

climbing Arthur's Seat

Also I didn’t have any food with me, which was a bad plan. So it was sort of bad all around. At least it was sunny! I headed back down and then had lunch at Fruitmarket Gallery. Another day, another shot of my knitting on my skirt!

knitting and skirt, again

I wanted to see the exhibit, but then I rushed over to the Camera Obscura to catch the last show of the day. It’s pretty cheesy, but super fun. The camera is really cool. The rest of the attraction is different floors with “world of illusion” stuff – magic eye, optical illusions, lights and the like. I had some fun taking photos.

lights, lights

lights, lights


Today I took a longish bus ride out to Leith, the port which was only integrated into the city of Edinburgh in the 20th century. I got off the bus a little early and walked to Ocean Terminal, which was interesting but as it was raining a little, it was a bit bleak.

With some time to go before meeting up with a friend, I decided to take the tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia. It was a fun way to pass some time.


State dining room – it was huge. All around the room were presents to the Queen, displayed on various walls, and on one end of the room was a narwhal tusk! What?!

state dining room

Firth of Forth. (That’s more of Scotland over there)

firth of forth

Phones on the bridge.


Rolls-Royce in the Garage. Obviously.

the rolls

Then this evening I headed out to knit night with the Tea Tree Tea knitters which was lovely! Tomorrow I’m leaving Edinburgh in the afternoon to head down to Manchester, where I’ll be doing an appearance and trunk show at Purl City Yarns on Sunday the 8th of May. Won’t you come by and see me?

6 Responses to “May 4-5: Holyrood, Arthur’s Seat, Leith”

  1. peanut

    Very cool photos from the Camera Obscura. You’ve reminded me of a favourite picture of my dad that he took inside a giant kaleidoscope. The abby and the hill look like great places for exploring. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. thea

    I hear you on the stopping on the steps though, sometimes the old ruins get a bit rickety…. The yacht, the abbey, and the camera all in one day make for some cool pics – if only you had gotten a great snack to have in the midst of it all!

  3. Marta

    Hello Laura, I have send you a email, could you take a little time in your journey to read it? Please, I am an fan you.
    Thank you

  4. Erin

    Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. Also, I saw you have a Kindle….how do you like it?

  5. Freddie

    I had the same problem trying to get to Arthur’s seat. I made it up eventually, but either I’m really unfit (probably!) or I went up a really steep way. It’d be good if they had signs up!


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