No pictures tonight…maybe tomorrow? (I’m sorry!)

I headed off to work today, and I got all the way there (an hour on the subway) before realizing that I had forgotten the sleeve that I was working on for the shop at home*. Whoopsie. I had, however, packed my turtleneck shrug in my bag, and I managed to finish one of the sleeves and start the second.

Here’s a not-so-great thing, though: the ribbed sleeve is worked in the round, then some stitches are cast off and the rest worked back and forth. My ribbing on the majority of the sleeve looks great – but where I switch to back and forth, it looks like crap! Obviously either my purls or my knits are looser (betting it’s the purls). I’ll have to work on that, but I don’t think it’ll bug me too much for this little project.

Stitch and bitch tomorrow (Wednesday) is my last one until December, most likely (damn night classes!). I miiiight be able to make it sometimes later on in the evening, but we’ll see. So everyone come on out tomorrow night!

* I finished the sleeve tonight while watching 4 hours of the CSI marathon on Spike – how long has that marathon been going on? LIke 2 days? CSI is a crazy addictive show.

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