map collection winners!

Thanks for entering my little contest! The random number generator came up with these for winners of the Map Collection:

381, 156, 113, 256, 324, 26, 394, 180, 36

The grand prize winner of the Malabrigo Twist is Kate, comment number 11. Here’s her entry:

“Crocuses are up in the garden around the corner. All but one are creamy butter yellow. The odd guy is almost white.”

I’ve emailed all the winners. Thanks for playing!

P.S. Yesterday I went up to visit my parents and use my mum’s sewing machine – whipped up a (very poorly sewn) new laptop case with a Canada Goose on the back. This pleases me greatly!

laptop case, back







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  1. Chandramouli Avatar

    Congratulations winners!

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