like a treadmill

You know, where you keep going and going, but get nowhere? Yeah, like that.

I finalllly managed to get to the cuff of the second sleeve on my OSW.

I really want to finish this and make some more headway on Elspeth before I start yet another small sweaterish thing – another minisweater, this one with sleeves, out of black Elann Sonata. Boring, but very useful (I think).

Got a sleeve of Elspeth done – super fast, that.

And I’ve started yet another project – the Go With the Flow socks from the summer Interweave.

Yes, I know it’s pretty busy what with the lace and the many colours. But MEH, I say. At least it’s fun!



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4 responses to “like a treadmill”

  1. Jenna Avatar

    I started those Go With The Flow socks with some Shepard’s Sock, as well. My colorway was “Seaside,” which has a lot of un-subtle color changes (white to tan to blue to green, etc) so yeah, the lace sort of came out muddled. I ended up ripping back and starting in a different yarn, because it really didn’t look pretty. I think it works better with your colorway, though! It’s a very fun sock, and I really enjoyed doing the slip-stitch heel. Very cool.

  2. lynette Avatar

    someone in my SnB group modified her OSW and added sleeves. i haven’t seen her finished version yet. i bet yours will turn out great.

  3. Samantha Avatar

    Everything looks great! I love the colours of the socks! :)

  4. Rainy Avatar

    Oh lovely – what yarn are you using for the socks? It looks suspiciously like LL’s childsplay – I’m loving it in that pattern.

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