le tired

Thanks for the nice comments on the ribby! It really needs a wash/block, though – it’s a wee bit itchy. Speaking of which, maybe I’ll do some Eucalan and and blocking tomorrow. It’s so much nicer when I can spin the water out of the machine, thereby getting more water out of the pieces and allowing them to dry faster.

Oh, and you know that sari silk scarf? I finished it yesterday – no biggie, because it’s only about 3 inches in width, but really, really long. I had to do the bindoff twice, which took an hour (!?) because the first time it was too tight. And I started my dad’s scarf, which will be LAST CHRISTMAS PRESENT SCARF! Thank goodness. Unless….I decide to make my grandmother a scarf. I hadn’t thought about that. What do grandmothers like?

I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow, when I can take them in natural light. Wow, I guess I’ve got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, huh? Better get crackin’ on some book readin’.






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