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Is it odd that I think about knitting pretty much ALL THE TIME? I mean, seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous…I suppose that’s why I’ve got this blog, to have somewhere to put down my knitty thoughts, hm?

I’ve started working on items for the Dulaan Project, and I made a hat last night in less than 1 hour. Working on a scarf now, but of course that’s a little slower going. I’ve taken out a bunch of yarn that would otherwise have just sat in a bin, so now I’ve got these two bags of yarn that shall be made into hats, mittens, scarves (maybe) and some socks.

I found the perfect yarn for the Gibson Girl pullover – mercerized cotton from Camilla Valley Farm. It comes on the cone, so it’s cheap, and it’s got nice colours. BUT, I need to work from stash first. I’ve got soooo very many projects lined up for that I already have the yarn for, and I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by it all. Gotta finish some projects first before I can buy more yarn – at least say, 4 new projects excluding Dulaan stuff.

I’ve been trying to think of things to make with the Naturelle 8/8 that I’ve got tons of, from Elann. I’ve got a full cone of “dark linen”, about half of a light denim, and maybe a quarter or less of oxford grey. Like Joyce said, the stuff seems to never run out. And I’m finding it kind of difficult to think of projects that I would want to use this yarn for, that wouldn’t be too heavy.

Janda from knitty
Tasha from knitty
Monk’s travel satchel, free from interweave
Vera tank from Mission Falls Cotton “Simple”
A skirt for my little sister (she’s been bugging me about it for awhile)

So much to knit, so little time.

EDIT: oops. I accidentally deleted the entry with the comments attached to it for the previous post (R.I.P.). I read them, though, and I just re-read them in my Haloscan account. Alexandra – I did do a final go-round where I picked up the wraps. I think the trick is that there is a difference in the way you need to pick up the wraps made on the purl side versus the knit side – where I picked them up does look a little funny, and different from each other. But it’s black and right below the bindoff, so it’s difficult to see.






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