YIP: February 24

I finished my socks! As I predicted, once I got down to it, the second one only took about a day and half to finish.

Fail: I was motoring along on my black Terra sweater, getting ready to finish it up tonight and block it so I could wear it tomorrow. Body and sleeves totally done, one buttonband done. Fits awesomely. I go to get the last skein of yarn to wind….

…and I left it at work. Booooo.

I guess it’s being left behind while I take off to Boston for a week!

12 Responses to “knitting olympics win…and fail”

  1. Rose

    Ooh, so sad. Oddly enough, I was worried about leaving my sweater at work yesterday too, but my OCD kicked in and I remembered it!

  2. Jane

    Awwww. If it helps, the yoke on my sweater is taking forEVER, I’m so not going to finish by Sunday.

    Have fun in Boston!

  3. Maryse

    Nice green socks! Sorry for the yarn left at work… I thought I’d finish my ravelypics socks tonight but my eyes are burning of exhaution… I’ll finish tomorrow morning. So close…

  4. Dianne

    We’ve watched all sorts of unexpected things derail Olympic hopefuls in the past two weeks–bad coaching, fog, broken shoe lace, crashes, etc. Forgotten yarn is another to add to the list. Sorry. Love the socks.

  5. Seanna Lea

    The socks are glorious. Such a beautiful color.

    A black sweater should be on my to do list, because it is the color I wear most often. Do you find knitting with black a little bit more difficult than knitting with a lighter color?

  6. Joan

    Bored, bored, bored (taps toe in aggravated fashion)… can’t wait for you to come back from Boston with more pretty pictures (hint, hint)!


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