There are so. many. projects. on my desk right now! And just to add another one, I started a pair of worsted weight socks that I got into my head as a good Christmas present.

last minute socks

Just started them last night, but I think they’re going to be fast and fun! I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Chocolate.

I don’t have a lot of other knit projects on the go, though. I’d really like to finish these flip-top mittens for myself.


I have really tiny hands and the mittens look almost comically tiny but they fit! Now that it’s actually snowed I might be needing them soon.

ultimate caramel corn

This week I’ve played a couple of handbell concerts, gone to a couple of parties and made a lot of caramel corn. I’m hoping I get to knit a lot this week, but you know how it goes – December is so very very busy. My handbell group, Pavlov’s Dogs Handbell Ensemble, is playing another show this week – the Rivoli Christmas Show on the 18th at 9pm. It’s always a super fun show. Tickets are $18, available at the door, and benefits the Daily Bread Food Bank.

ikea window lights

8 Responses to “knitting factory”

  1. jodi

    Busy, busy indeed! Worsted weight handknit socks are always a wonderful gift here in snow country.

    Where did you find those delightful snowflake lights? So cute! I’d love to get some.

  2. April

    I’ve also way too many projects with a Christmas deadline. Seriously considering cutting down on the knit list next year.

    P.S. I love the snowflake lights.

  3. jj

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, share the recipe for that yummy-looking caramel corn.

  4. Alison G.W.

    You play in a handbell ensemble? That’s so cool! I play in the handbell choir at my church. Sadly, we only play at Christmas – I really enjoy it and would love to be in a handbell ensemble that met more regularly.


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