knitters’ eternal question

What do I knit next?

Charlotte’s Web
Pattern: “Charlotte’s Web” by Koigu
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zeyphr in “Steel”, worsted weight
Needles: Denise US9
Finished: March 6, 2006

Ah, Charlotte. Just as beautiful as the first and second times I knit you. This one, being much heavier yarn, has a really nice weight and warmth to it without being stifling. Would it be odd to wear my grey Charlotte as a scarf with my grey coat?

Vneck’s almost done too – just need to figure out what to do with the neckline and weave in the ends. Hmmmm. Ribbing? Or just simple single crochet?

So….what do I knit now? I’ve got shawl options – flower basket shawl outta my handspun, leaf lace shawl with elann baby cashmere. I’ve got sock options – Pomatomus from knitty in Cherry Tree Hill? Uptown Boot Socks in Knitpicks Essentials?

I’ve got sweater options – I want to start Breezy Cables from the latest Interweave for a jacket, but I’m not sure it’s really going to be useful or get worn (I’m going to use Elann Highland Chunky). I’ve got some super yummy handdyed Shelridge Farm W4 (washable worsted weight wool) for some sort of cabled cardigan, possibly a pared-down Must Have. And I’ve got a bunch of ultra luxe Artyarns Supermerino in brown for a girly springy cardigan, but starting that would mean winter (and heavy wool sweater season) is ending! Not like we had much of a winter, anyway…

Obviously, that’s not ALL the sweater yarn I’ve got, but it’s what I feel like working with. One of those.

Sorry for the rambles. I’m sick at the moment, blame it on that! I should go make some soup.




16 responses to “knitters’ eternal question”

  1. sandy j Avatar

    I love your charlotte’s web. It’s really cool in the solid color and it’s giving me ideas….Love your blog!

  2. Lori Avatar

    The charlotte is lovely. I love the solid color. When I can’t figure out what to knit, I just make a felted bag. It’s my mindless knitting while my brain works on what to do next.

  3. KnitPasatis Avatar

    Hey, I am sick too. I felt like I have been in a fog all day with this cold. So the V-neck sweater is almost done and your looking for the next project. Hmmm…since Springtime is coming, how about something lighter weight with maybe a cotton or cotton blend type of yarn. I would love to see what kind of tank top you could come up with. I am in the beginning of one now.

  4. --Deb Avatar

    Charlotte looks gorgeous. And, I vote for using your handspun next–it’s working for me!

  5. melissa Avatar

    wow! charlotte’s web looks so different in a solid color. i love it!

  6. hb Avatar

    Charlotte’s Web looks beautiful! I like it more in the solid than in any of the variegated yarns I’ve seen. V-neck very attractive too. You are such an astoundingly fast knitter – how do you do it? I’m starting to knit lace myself and am having a terrible time of it.

  7. Wendy Avatar

    The Charlotte look extraordinary in a solid color. You can see the pattern and the geometry. Must admit that though I love them on the skein, I am rarely a fan of handpainted or variegated yarns when actually knitted up unless they are quite subtle. That said, I may buy kiogu this week for a clapotis. Keep knitting. I’m a big fan of your knitting and your blog.

  8. Latoya Avatar

    Charlotte’s Web is beautiful. You have been a very busy knitter.
    Knit on!

  9. Theresa Avatar

    Definitely ribbing on the v-neck – to balance the bottom and the sleeves.

    Charlotte looks great – love it in a solid color.

  10. Juno Avatar

    You’ve reminded me how much I like the Charlotte in solid colors. It’s a beautiful pattern and this way you can SEE it.

  11. kris Avatar

    feel better soon!

    charlotte is absolutely gorgeous. and thanks for showing me what zephyr in steel looks like! i love it.

  12. j a r e d Avatar

    i’m starting a lace leaf shawl in knit picks baby cashmere this week! but its for my new sister in law as a wedding present… she reads the blog so unfortunately i have to keep it a secret from the general public until june. if you decide on this one, we’ll definitely have to compare notes!

  13. maggieBB Avatar

    delightful shawl :) hope you feel better soon!

  14. Gale Avatar

    Your Charlotte’s Web is indeed lovely! It’s nice to know there are others out there that knit the same shawl again, like me.

    By the way, how do you manage to knit so fast? You work, you’re a student and so on. Do you have a technique that has helped speed your progress?

  15. Julia Avatar

    *gasp* it’s beautiful…I didn’t know Charlotte had that gorgeous pattern until I saw yours! Amazing. The multicolored ones kind of obscure it.

  16. Emy Avatar

    That’s a good view of Charlotte! I have to agree too :)

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