Right-o. So it’s blog posting month, and sweater knitting month, and I’m a bit wishy washy about both! I must admit, seeing lots of new posts from old blog friends is inspiring me to blog more myself, which is definitely a plus.

As for the sweater? Well, I’ve got a couple on the go already, what’s one more? This is as far as I’ve gotten:

Dream in Color Classy

Got some yarn. Dream in Color Classy in Tea Party. I do have an idea as well, which is really half the battle! I’m going to swatch this up today and see where it goes. Meanwhile, I’m finishing up another pair of socks out of Classy leftovers.

one scrappy sock

Worsted weight socks sure are quick and fun! This one is 48 sts on 3.5mm needles, toe up with a short row heel.

6 Responses to “knit-swe-thingy”

  1. Meredith MC

    That Dream In color in Tea Party is the perfect color for a late-autumn cardigan. Love it!

  2. Karen Lauterwasser

    Incredible yarn! Right in my favorite part of the color wheel. Will no doubt be just amazing. And you have 24 more days in this month alone to make it happen – no problem!

  3. Elizabeth

    You always have such gorgeous yarn. Wish I lived in the big city with better access to interesting wools. I’ve just mail ordered some “Shelter” and “Loft”. Can’t wait. Have a design in mind ready to try out.


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