just add water

Ahhh, the day off. Slept in an hour or so, off to the dentist (okay, that wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t horrible, and at least it’s out of the way), then just chilling out.

I did some canning today, four one-litre jars of tomatoes – each jar holds quite a bit, so it was around 7-8 dozen tomatoes. Needed to get them off the counter! There’s still more tomatoes coming in, so I’m hoping to get another four jars at least (I have more pint jars to fill, too, but I could always do jam or something…). So far, I’ve done fifteen 500 ml jars and eight 1L jars altogether.

I also finished up the last little bit of seraphim and bound off.

seraphim, sept 21

The colour’s way off in the photos, it’s more of a smokey black with some copper and grey bits. The knitting was way fun, even though the rows were so long at the end! More on that following a good dunk and stretch.



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4 responses to “just add water”

  1. adrienne Avatar

    Goodness!! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. nikyie Avatar

    Wow… it looks so beautiful!!

  3. Rippedoffknitter Avatar

    Oy, nice pattern! I have some gorgeous shawl yarn in my stash that I think will work best with large stockinette sections and just a little lace instead of holes all over. Maybe this shawl is it?

  4. Lupin Avatar

    Hi I have been lurking for a while but your beautiful shawl has forced me to break cover. I love it – can’t wait to see the pictures when it is blocked. I *need* to know what yarn you used too.

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