just a wee update

Finished – the left front of VBC. I keep trying to cast on for the other front (the last piece!) but I keep getting distracted; I think it’s the fact that I actually need to sit down and do it, and there’s some chart and some row counting involved. Ain’t got the faculty for that right now.

Mostly I’ve been working on socks. Those three socks from a previous post, although they haven’t even progressed very far.

How about some new skeins?

Purple is fleece artist merino/silk 2ply, orange is navajo-plied merino for Denny, grey is fleece artist merino. Love those charcoals!

And I figured out what was going wrong with the applied icord on the Rowanspun jacket (and fixed it). Stay tuned…



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2 responses to “just a wee update”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Ooooh, puuurty skeins! *covets*

  2. Chris Avatar

    I love the two skeins on the outside, particularly the one on the right. LOVE. Love!

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