Ah, the weekend. I don’t think I’ve appreciated it in the past nearly as much as I do now – last term I had one extra day off during the week, and I was also only taking three classes! This term I’m in school for twice as many hours, and I don’t have a day off, so four days of classes one day of work (don’t laugh, I’m not used to a five-day week!). And I’m also teaching after school on Fridays. All this means – one tired laura.

So. No pictures today, even though I did take them. Too much work to download, resize, upload, code. Must get to writing a paper. But I do have things to share:

– I finished the knitting of Lady Eleanor! I wove in the ends and crocheted along the short sides today, and gave ‘er a long soak in Eucalan in the machine. Softness factor aside, I wanted the excess dye to come off! I’ve been battling black hands while working on it. I haven’t done the fringe yet (I didn’t want it to get caught in the machine!) but I’ve decided to go with the fringe in the book. Shorter.

– I just cast off the back piece of the cotton raglan…hmm, since I’m not doing it out of cotton, how about the organic raglan? The piece looks so big, but measurements-wise it’s just fine. I used *exactly* two skeins to do the back. I’d rather cast on for a sleeve next (rather than the front) but since I’m going to have to dip into another dyelot, I’ll wait for that lot to come in and do both of the sleeves out of it.

– The blue top-down raglan sweatercoat (with the cabled raglan lines) is getting some more attention now, and I’ve put the sleeve stitches on holders and joined the body. The plan is to work on the body until the ball I’m using runs out, then do the sleeves before the rest of the body. I’m really liking the Highland Chunky knit up at a tighter gauge.

– I have so many projects. I really want to get something done!






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  1. Ruth Avatar

    I know that feeling of having lots of irons in the fire and just wanting to finish something — hope you do soon!

  2. jenna Avatar

    Wow! Sounds like some major progress on some major projects! I love the fancy Lady Eleanor fringe from the book—it’s such a great detail.

  3. Alison Avatar

    Ah, I feel your pain about suddenly having too much going on. That is really the problem with school. :)

    Can’t wait to see Lady E! I am writing a note write now to wash & block before adding the fringe…good call.

  4. HibiscuitsGirl Avatar

    I just started my second semester of grad school, so I know how you’re feeling! I don’t seem to get as much knitting done as you, though. You knit so quickly!

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