it’s cold!

Just a quick note to say – I’m damn cold! I should try and dress better. Possibly two long-sleeved shirts and then a sweater. Or better yet, something wooly…

I’ve gotten a bit more done on my dad’s scarf. I’m doing a slipped stitch edging, but I didn’t realize beforehand that slipping the stitch where the rest of the scarf is garter st causes the edge to ruffle a little (the edge stitch is taller than the garter rows). But it looks fine when I stretch it out. So, I’m just going to continue, make sure I don’t make it overly long, and then block out some more length.

I’ve also gotten a bit done on my mom’s capelet – about an inch on 3.75 mm needles and double-stranded laceweight. Once I switch to the larger needles it should go faster. I love the Blue Heron mercerized cotton – it’s so silky and slide-y!

Still thinking about JaggerSpun Wool/Silk on Cones, in Vanilla, from redbirdknits…..for Cozy. YUM. I have been thinking a lot about Clapotis, too. I have my skein of Silken all wound up and ready to go, but no time!

Argh. Anyway, off to try and read some bio before turning in! Stay warm.






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