in which something is horribly wrong

So, I got to the end of the toe of the second Waving Lace sock. But wait! Something’s wrong…a different number of stitches on the instep needles from the top of the foot.

So I tried it on.

The one on the left, in progress, is WAY. BIG.

….I didn’t decrease enough in the gusset, then knit merrily along.


Positive: My desk is covered in Handmaiden. Negative: it isn’t for me.

Anyway….the sock is sorted out. Sigh.

I started a minisweater today at work, out of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. I made good progress – divided for the sleeves and am working on the body now.

Also, I did the heel for my Zinnia sock – an experiment. A ribbed short-row heel. It looks funny!

Off to read some anthropology and knit that sock foot, AGAIN.



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  1. Brooke Avatar

    I love the yarn you’re using for the minisweater. Too bad about the sock ripping. I hate ripping! (Can you tell I just had to rip recently!)

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