i’m cold. (and various knitting musings)

My cosy big wool cardie is currently keeping me warm. :)

So I’ve been thinking about projects (what else is new, ha). I really want to make a Cycling Aran, and the wool I’m getting from Elann would work, but….I’ve already got plans for that yarn. Or maybe I can incorporate the cables into the pullover I’m planning…hm.

Also, I was thinking of things to do with some of that Cotton-Ease that I got yesterday. I still really want to make Lara, but black cotton-ease is just so boring, at least for this sweater. So, what if I held the yarn together with something laceweight and fuzzy? Like kidsilk haze? Now that would be nice (would make it non-machine wash, but oh well). Unfortunately I don’t think I could afford to actually use 1100 yards of KSH for it. And there’s the fact that I don’t reallllly want to spend the money on the d.b. book because I only want that pattern. Anyone up for a trade or something? Thinking, thinking.

Oh, I finished the black hat for my cousin. It’s cute, but I don’t look good in hats. I hope it fits him. Pictures when I can.

Must. Force. Self. To. Do. Work.






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