i should shut up around reporters

What’s black and white and read all over?

Article in the Toronto Star about knitting and Stitch ‘n Bitch, with a picture of yours truly. I should really learn to shut my mouth about certain topcis around reporters, ie. a certain “ex-boyfriend”. But, he doesn’t hate me for it, so whatever.

Just after I got home, the doorbell rang and the nice Canada Post man gave me this!

My box from Elann! 20 balls of Highland Chunky in “Redwood” and four in “Forest Glade Heather”, and a cone of Naturelle 8/8. The four green chunky are to teach the boy to knit, lol. It’s not too too dark, so I think it’ll be ok. I think I might do a Rogue cardie in the Redwood if I can get gauge, or some other kind of cardigan.

Strangely enough, I haven’t received the box from RedBirdKnits yet, although I ordered from Robin before I ordered from Elann, and RedBird is within the city. Hm. Maybe tomorrow.

Off to work on that second Must Have front, and to rest my voice – I feel loads better today, but my voice is almost totally gone. Too much talking, man.






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  1. jill in seattle Avatar
    jill in seattle

    I am desperately seeking some Forest Glen Glade yarn !! Nearly finished with large men’s sweater and coming up short…. If you still have yours and would like to part with it please let me know. Thanks SO much,


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