i should be studying

That’s a common theme around here, isn’t it? I should be studying, but instead, I blog.

I picked up a set of beauuuutiful lantern moon double points, size 1 – they seem nice and pointy. And I exchanged yarn for them, so I didn’t actually spend more money (much, anyway).

I got the extra esprit that I ordered from elann, along with some yarn needles – why do they send it in such a big box? Seems like such a waste.

I don’t know if I’ll need the extra yarn. But I can still use it to make socks, or put it together with one of the solids for a top or something. I did start Betty, but I haven’t gotten into it much.

The fabric does seem a little…loose. I’m just going to hope it turns out okay. Hm, there were these other things I wanted to talk about (the new knit.1 and my lorna’s laces socks) but that’ll just have to wait until later.






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