I needs me a wheel

Denny’s yesterday was fun! Stephanie and Emma were there as well. I hoarded Denny’s majacraft little gem, and spun up some white corriedale.

The big skein is a pretty damn big skein – about 160 yards of chunky/bulky 2-ply. The little skein is just the singles left over from the bigger bobbin. I’ll be kool-aid dyeing shortly! I can’t wait to get a wheel, but I’m going to restrain myself until the end of term (end of June), lest I be too distracted. I found the website of a place in Kingston that includes shipping and taxes in their price, and has a good price on the Kiwi.

In knitting news, I’ve finally finished a few things, so after a wash and block they’ll be ready for their debut!







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  1. Carrie Avatar

    ooh, can’t wait to see finished pictures! that yarn looks YUMMY.

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