i made it!


A horrendously boring 2-hour wait in a nearly-closed airport (the duty free shops even closed at midnight) and a 7-hour flight later, I’m here in Edinburgh! Ysolda’s a great hostess – and she’s got a fantastic flat. The delay on the flight actually put me on a pretty good schedule, because I slept a few hours, woke up, and landed in the middle of the day here (and was tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable time in the evening).

Yesterday we went for a decent length walk around, I took photos like the tourist I am, especially of the buildings and curvy streets!


Today we did some errands, went to a gallery (had lunch there too, which was really yummy) and went to the yarn store where Ysolda works, k1. I of course bought some pretty yarn – sock yarn from Old Maiden Aunt and merino/silk laceweight from Fyberspates.

edinburgh yarn!

And shoes! Yes, we bought the same shoes again (in different colours).

new shoes!

We’re off to London on Thursday!







19 responses to “i made it!”

  1. Phoe Avatar

    Hope to see you both at I Knit Day!

  2. Ruth Avatar

    Love the shoes… would love a trip to Edinburgh… sigh. Sounds wonderful!

  3. Jodi Avatar

    Edinburgh looks gorgeous! And I love the shoes. Are you willing to share brand/style info? Pretty please?

  4. Ingrid Avatar

    I like the shoes too. Edinburgh looks lovely, as do those yarns!

  5. klotho Avatar

    Brilliant shoes. Edinburgh looks lovely! I hope to go there someday. Enjoy!

  6. magalie Avatar

    love the shoes! And the photos are great…beautiful place.

  7. Alice from france Avatar

    Great for you! I wish i could meet you one day Laura! And bought the same shoes as you! = D

  8. sandy Avatar

    my scottish hubby took me there…i loved it! but was so cold my nose turned blue!

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    Scotland and England?! Lucky girl – especially in those shoes.

  10. Katya Avatar

    Very nice shoes! Hope (I am sure) you’ll have great time in both Edinburgh and London:)

  11. Ana Avatar

    Edinburgh… aaaaaaaah! Such great memories!!! And I just LOVE the shoes!!! Hope you have a lot of fun there!!

  12. Patricia Fontes Avatar

    Glad you had a safe trip! Beautiful pictures! Need to visit one day… included in my travel list…
    take care!

  13. Juliana Avatar

    Enjoy London! I wish I could be there too!

  14. elise Avatar

    i can recommend Loop (in Islington on cross street, i think) as a nice, small yarn shop. also Liberty in Soho and John Lewis on Oxford street have nice wool selections for department stores.

    if you’re out in the pubs tomorrow night, might cross paths with you. ;)
    have a lovely visit!

  15. Allison Avatar

    I am in serious Europe withdrawal. Your blog is just what I need right now. Thank you thank you thank you for posting pics.

  16. knithoundbrooklyn Avatar

    I really like those shoes. And of course the socks are wonderful…hand knit I presume?

  17. gleek Avatar

    huzzah you made it! looks like you’re already having a great time :)

  18. barbara Avatar

    Hope you have a wonderful time in London and for the rest of your trip. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you tell me where you got your shoes? I love them! (hoping I can find them here in the UK!).
    have a wonderful trip

  19. Emma J Avatar
    Emma J

    Could you please tell us who makes those shoes? They’re adorable!

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