houston, we have a problem

Just when I was getting good and confident with the cabling in the Must Have (I don’t need the charts anymore!), I wake up this morning, take a look and….

I have a miscrossed cable. You can even see it in the progress pic below, on the right near the top. It’s now 5 inches down. Now normally I’d be cool with laddering down to fix them but….in the cables, I’m having a case of the I-dun-wannas. So. I have decided to forge ahead, and when the piece is done I will do as Aven’s done here – cut the cable to re-cross it (it should’ve gone under rather than over).

I also find that I’m increasingly dissatisfied with my tartan jacket. It’s just a little too snug for my tastes! Or maybe I’ll just have to accept that I can’t wear it over sweaters. I think I’m going to take off the cuffs (they look weird) and possibly reknit them or some kind of substitute, and get around to sewing on the toggles I bought before I pass final judgement. I’m actually considering frogging and reknitting! gasp!

Oh and thanks for the compliments guys :D






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