This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer! I mostly stayed in, enjoying some relaxing time at home and out on the porch. I participated in “A Day in the Life” photography project with some folks on Flickr, so I thought I’d share some of them here! (Photos taken mostly with i-devices.)


Buttons for a new sweater (not all of them!).


Hardening off tomato seedlings that I grew from seed – they’re doing so well! Will be replanting some of them outside this week, and I really need to get some more buckets or planters.


Mmmm, chocolate.


Dinner – pasta with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, creamy sauce.


Knitting, of course.


Out for an evening walk around the neighbourhood.

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  1. Emma in France

    Oooh! I’ve not seen that Lindt flavour over here yet. I’ve recently enjoyed their dark chocolate with lemon and chocolate with a salted caramel filling that isn’t runny caremel.


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