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It’s a grey, oppressively humid day out today for the first day of school. I had a back-to-school anxiety dream where I hadn’t attended a class and didn’t take the final, but it was the only remaining credit I needed to graduate! I haven’t been in school for awhile now, so that wasn’t very pleasant.

Luckily I have this pretty yarn on my desk to cheer things up.

pretty gradient yarn

pretty gradient yarn

It’s 85% polwarth wool, 15% silk from woolgatherings – and as I was finishing it up, I ordered more fibre! This roving came space-dyed, but I decided to separate out the colours to spin as a single gradient. Then I chain-plied, because I love chain plying! This yarn goes from light pink through peachy pink, fuchsia, purple, navy, and ends up at an ocean-off-the-coast-of-Hawaii turquoise.

pretty gradient yarn

It’s a nice big skein, 315 yards of maybe sport weight. I’m thinking of adding a shop page to the website here, where I can put up a few skeins of handspun for sale. I’ll never be a production spinner, but I would love to see some of this yarn I’ve been making go to loving homes!

Now I’m off to the mall (at least it’s indoors) because I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and the dress I thought I’d wear isn’t really doing it for me. Plus I need a new bag. Maybe shoes. It’s a good excuse, right?



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3 responses to “happy yarn”

  1. Carol Avatar

    I would certainly be interested if you were to sell some of your handspun. (though I don’t know how you could bear to part with it!)

  2. Sawyer Avatar

    Great colors to combat a grey day for sure. :)

  3. SquareMary Avatar

    I’ve had that same dream. Very off-putting.
    Much better is that yarn! Gorgeous colours.

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