happy birthday (and belated blogiversary) to me

It’s my birthday, and I’m 22!

I also missed my second (!) blogiversary a week ago. Two years is a long time! Here’s a stat – I’ve got 541 posts, not including this one. Not a bad rate, overall.

Unfortunately I haven’t any knitting to show you today (I’m busy reknitting a sleeve…oy) so it’s going to have to be some photos of my container veggie garden!

It hasn’t been going super-duper well, but it’s been pretty darn good. Check out this eggplant, of which I’m immensely proud:

The photo was taken a few days ago – today I picked it, and ate it sauteed alongside some cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan. Mmmm, fresh.

Tomato photos:

Unfortunately, I’ve been losing a couple of tomatoes…

Blossom end rot and some unknown critter. I’ve already taken some steps to help with the rot – organic fertilizer and eggshells. I really hope the next ones are okay! Luckily I’ve got other plants in other pots.

These peppers are interesting – they’re growing in a tri-cornered shape! Cool. My burgundy beans are also coming along, and I should have some to pick in just a few days.

Keep cool! And if you’re in the neighbourhood, I’m having birthday drinks at Utopia on College on Friday night and you’re invited! email me if you want more deets.







30 responses to “happy birthday (and belated blogiversary) to me”

  1. Silke Avatar

    Oy- am I the first one to congratulate? So then:


    And happy blogiversary – thanks for another year of almost daily knitting fun!

  2. Erica B. Avatar

    Happy birthday and Blogiversary!

  3. Bente B Avatar

    As we say in Norway; Gratulerer med dagen :o))))

    Happy Birthday :o)

  4. Navi Avatar

    Have a great birthday and blogiversary, eat a lot of cake!

    Hope you get lots of birthday yarn.

  5. the knitchick Avatar

    happy birthday! and happy (belated) blogiversary!!!
    hope you have fun with your birthday celebrations. :0)

    mmm…fresh veggies! how much do i *love eggplant! x

  6. Dani Avatar

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  7. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Happy Birthday and Blogiversary!

  8. naomi Avatar

    Happy birthday, and nice eggplant!

  9. Andrea Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Valerie Avatar

    Happy Birthday and happy Blogiversary!

  11. Liz K. Avatar

    Wishing you both a happy birthday and blogiversary!

  12. Lissa Avatar

    Maybe I’m just lacking any sort of greenthumb, but what do the eggshells do? Do you crumble them up in the soil?

  13. Kathleen Avatar

    Happy birthday! Have an awesome day!!!

  14. Chris Avatar

    Happy Birthday! And belated second blogiversary. :) Many happy returns on both.

  15. Jennifer Avatar

    Happy B-day and Blogiversary! Have fun!

  16. --Deb Avatar

    Happy, happy birthday!

  17. Leslie Avatar

    Happy Birthday! I’m growing tomatoes this summer for the first time. The cherry tomatoes are a success, but the normal-sized ones aren’t doing so well, and not being a seasoned grower, I’m not sure why. I’ll try the eggshells and fertilizer. Maybe that will do the trick.

  18. grumperina Avatar

    Happy birthday, Laura! Have a great one!

  19. Gatuca guapa Avatar

    Happy Birthday and Blogiversary!!!

  20. Hooney Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

    Do you have a container garden?

  21. Gina Avatar

    Happy Birthday! I’m an so amazed by your garden!

  22. dennymcmillan Avatar

    Happy birthday to you, have a nice birthday dinner, see ya Wed. at”Let-us-drink.”

    luv dennyxoxxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxo

  23. Steph Avatar

    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary.

  24. megan Avatar

    happy birthday laura! i hope you are eating lots of chocolate cake today! there is a BIG present for you at the store…see you tomorrow!

  25. Heather Avatar

    Happy birthday and what a fantastic looking eggplant. We’ve had tons of those in all shapes and sizes at the farmer’s market lately, it’s cool to see one on the vine!

    Have a great time at your birthday drinks!

  26. megan h Avatar
    megan h

    happy birthday sweetness!

  27. Drea Avatar

    Happy birthday! :)

  28. Silvia Avatar

    Happy Birthday! And of course, Happy Blogiversary too. Many more.

  29. Rita Avatar

    Happy birthday, and congratulations on being so accomplished at your age.
    knitting, gardening, going to school, dying yarn etc. I am very poud of you.

  30. Diane Avatar

    Happy birthday, Laura!!! Have fun Friday….wish I could join you…

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